Another great year for The Lakesman Triathlon

Now in its third year, The Lakesman Triathlon continues to draw positive comments from all who experience it. The addition of a Middle Distance proved to be a masterstroke too…


The Lakesman Triathlon continues to grow in number and popularity

The past weekend was a busy one for long distance triathlon in the UK, and, for a change, it was not the big-brand of IRONMAN that was the focus.

Alongside the ‘extreme’ challenges of the Celtman! and Triathlon-X, The Lakesman Triathlon ( in its third year has quickly grown a very positive reputation from all who have taken part in it, based on comments that I’ve received from those that have experienced it. To that, we say huge respect to the event organisers.

It’s hardly news that in the current environment and packed schedule of racing – both domestic and internationally – putting on a long distance triathlon is both a monumental logistical undertaking as well as a huge financial risk. Having worked behind the scenes at many triathlon events over the years, if you want an easy life, stay away from long distance racing! If you think they are tough to race, organising one will live you in pieces.

We are long removed from the times when simply putting a race on would guarantee entries, even for the global brands. For an independent, you really have to work hard.

This year – in what looks to have been an inspired move – The Lakesman added a Middle Distance race alongside the full. That attracted close to 500 entries – with the full distance race even increasing slightly in numbers too, based on the results lists. That is impressive, and surely tells you something about the reputation the race built in its first two editions.

The Lakesman, Keswick, Lake District – Sunday 17th June 2018

FULL DISTANCE – 3.8km / 180km / 42.2km


1st – Daniel Bluff (Tri Force Endurance) – 9:15:50
2nd – Richard Anderson (RedVenom) – 9:25:58
3rd – Graham Rands (UK Fire Service / Manchester Tri) – 9:28:08


1st – Lyndsey Curry – 11:20:35
2nd – Karen Bridge (Eden Valley Tri) – 11:33:57
3rd – Rachel Jeff (Tri Lakeland) – 11:34:19

HALF DISTANCE – 1.9km / 90km / 21.1km


1st – Michael Lavender (Bayliss Multisport) – 4:24:54
2nd – Mark Benson (Tri Lakeland) – 4:34:35
3rd – Alex Foster (TRI-FIT Coaching) – 4:34:49


1st – Lucy Biddlestone (Bayliss Multisport) – 4:51:33
2nd – Natalie Batey (Tricademy / Tyne & Wear Tri) – 4:54:33
3rd – Louise Harris (North Devon Triathletes) – 5:03:16


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