Industry News: Inflatable Gazebo

I really need an easy to install spider dome event shelter? Probably not the first thing on most peoples minds as they start the day!

Indeed, an inflatable gazebo is not something I thought would be on my shopping list at the start of the triathlon season. In fact any gazebo, inflatable or otherwise would probably be a long way down my list of things I’d need.

As I looked through the event calendar and formulated a plan for the year and saw the snow falling outside I wondered if we might be in need of a shelter from the elements at any of the races we might be at and realised we might need a gazebo and I knew the people! The guys who sell Bike Boxes also sell gazebos! If you have been to any of the bike or tri shows over the years you will probably have met them already.

inflatable gazebo

And so here we are! I’m investigating solutions to keep the team dry at events and a whole world of equipment unfolds before me as do a few ideas on where we would use one. I’m thinking trade shows, outdoor events, camping overnight at a race! Inflatable gazebos seem like a great idea, just requiring the shelter to be rolled out and pumped up by hand or mains pump. When deflated and packed away will easily fit in the boot of a car. No more missing support poles!

Its primary purpose for us will be for work and creating a branded base for the team at events. The inflatable is a more expensive gazebo option and printing up with logos etc carries an additional cost but if you are looking at one for personal use then things will be cheaper and the shelters are available in plain colours.

Gazeboshop supply many accessories from mains pumps and lighting to tables etc to kit out your shelter and come currently in four sizes, 3m x 3m, 4m x 4m, 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m.

All of the inflatable event shelters come with a hand pump, storage bag and tie down kit as standard, so you’re ready to go immediately out of the bag. I appreciate that this is mainly a product for businesses attending shows but it does make a rather cool pop up for the garden or picnic location should the need arise. The design allows you to link several units with linking tunnel sections should you need a larger covered area.

inflatable gazebo

Accessories available to purchase for the inflatables include:

  • Sand bag weights
  • Hand pump
  • Mains powered pump
  • 12V rechargeable pump
  • Sidewall sand bags
  • Mains powered Led Light

Additional information on design:

  • Any artwork would need to be supplied in vector format to our Sales team –
  • Design process: visual put together on receiving suitable artwork by our in house design team (2-3 day turnaround)
  • Delivery lead times: For both plain, stock coloured and custom printed inflatables will be 10-14 days on confirmation of order/artwork approval.

You can find out more at their website here. If we get one I’ll update you with how we get on with it. Watch this dry space.

Written by
Andy Tomlinson
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