Laka insurance launches Laka Club



Laka (​​, a community-based insurer of cyclists, has today unveiled the radical Laka Club, offering £1 third-party liability cover and stacks of awesome cycling perks for the rest of 2020.

Yes, you heard that right, cover for the price of two pints of milk. Laka is enabling you to conquer your commute without breaking a sweat about your cover.

Continuing its reputation for doing things differently, Laka Club makes it easier to protect your commute with an astounding £1 third-party liability offer – giving cyclists cover for a quid – plus stacks of perks such as discounts on popular brands including Beryl, SportPursuit and Hexlox.

Laka Insurance

It is Laka’s mission to encourage cyclists to get on their bikes more, and with the launch of Laka Club, the innovative insurer will be supporting the government’s push to do just that.

Laka aims to play its part in the cycle revolution in a post-COVID world by facilitating more people than ever to commute for good. Laka Club will help cyclists to experience the benefits of commuting by bike – including delivering that daily dose of endorphins, avoiding stress-inducing public transport and being kind to the environment.

Laka Club is for anyone on two wheels, including electric bicycles – from daily city commutes to overseas adventures – the Laka Club has you covered.



  • Third-party liability insurance. Cover to protect you for damage to someone else’s property or injury to someone whilst out riding your bike or electric bicycle
  • Up to £2 million you are liable to pay including legal costs if you injure someone or damage their property whilst using your bike
  • International trips for up to 60 days per trip (excluding USA/Canada)

But how does this stack up against the competition we hear you say? Quite a lot cheaper, actually. Laka’s £1 (6 month) cover could save you £47 – compared to Cycling UK’s £48 (12 month) and £42 compared to British Cycling’s (12 month) £43 cover – you do the maths.

The launch of Laka Club comes in light of a recent YouGov survey by the brand which revealed that ​only 11% of people feel that their commute is good for their health and that less than a quarter (24%) of people find their daily commute reliable.

Tobias Taupitz, CEO and co-founder at Laka said :”As a city based cycling company with offices in London, Bristol and Amsterdam, we’re serious about getting cyclists on their bikes more. From seasoned riders to those rediscovering life on two wheels, we want to make insurance fairer, affordable and hassle-free for the masses.

“Now is a time of change and a great opportunity for cycling. Following the government’s commitment to get more people riding and a recent spike in bike sales across the UK, Laka Club will help cyclists protect their commute without breaking the bank.”

Get protection for less with Laka and join the Club at ​​.

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