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PTO T100 Age Group Racing: Three reasons you should race the 100km distance

2024 will see the PTO bring the exciting 100km race format to age-groupers of all abilities, thanks to the t100 series. We take a look at what you can expect from this not-quite-middle distance race, and why you should seriously think about adding a T100 event to your race calendar for next year.

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T100 Triathlon World Tour
Redefining triathlon

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) have introduced an exciting new distance to the non-drafting race scene: the 100km. Just a hair shorter than your classic 70.3 mile middle distance race, but with courses akin to the fast and furious short distances races. In 2023, the 100km PTO Tour races saw the stars of middle and long distance racing come head to head over three thrilling races.

And now in 2024, age-group triathletes of all abilities have the opportunity to not only watch the PRO action unfold. But to experience this exciting race format for themselves thanks to the introduction of more age group racing in the T100 series. These 100km races bring new dynamics to the race course for seasoned triathletes. Yet, they’re also accessible for those stepping up from short course and going long for the first time. Add in iconic city centre locations and the prospect of a race weekend atmosphere like no other, and the T100 age group races might just be the perfect endurance challenge for triathletes of all abilities.

The ultimate race weekend for triathlon fans

Taylor Knibb PTO Tour US Open 2023 Milwaukee
American star Taylor Knibb wins triathlon’s 2023 PTO Tour US Open in Milwaukee (Photo – PTO).

Race in incredible locations. Experience an atmosphere like no other. And then watch the PROs battle it out for the top spot on the podium. The T100 races are going to be the ultimate events for fans of the sport.

T100 Triathlon World Tour
Race T100 in 2024

Get inspired by your favourite PRO triathletes

Sharing the race course with the professionals is fairly commonplace in triathlon. But usually that PRO race is happening at the same time as the age group race. If you’re lucky, you might get to see a flash of the PRO field as they zoom by. But more often than not, you miss out on all the action because you’re busy completing your own race!

This is where the T100 format comes into its own. For triathlon fans who don’t want to have to choose between racing and spectating, you can be part of the action during the age group race and then watch the professionals go to head-to-head. And given that the PTO races will bring together Olympians, stars of middle distance and IRONMAN World Champions to go head to head several times across the season – that PRO race is one you’re not going to want to miss.


“Racing in and around the city of Singapore was great, with plenty to take in on all 3 legs of the triathlon. The race schedule was also a big benefit for age groupers. We were able to spectate the PRO women’s race on Saturday, enjoy our race on Sunday morning before watching the PRO men on Sunday afternoon/evening.”

Jarrad Bowman
PTO Asian Open 2023 Finisher

The multi-lap race format means there’s no shortage of opportunities to cheer on your favourite elite triathletes. And with the professional races set to be broadcast live all around the world, you’ll get to feel like you’re part of some sort of epic triathlon film set.

Experience an unrivalled race atmosphere in iconic destinations

The T100 races are set to take place in the heart of iconic cities, giving participants the opportunity to race on courses with incredible backdrops and an unrivalled atmosphere.

The PTO Asian Open 2023 gave age group triathletes the chance to swim, bike and run in the heart of Singapore.


“I was particularly excited about having a race based right in the heart of the city – so many events these days have quite lonely cycle and run courses, so knowing that we would be right in the middle of things, with easy access for our supporters to be out there cheering, was a huge appeal. There was so much noise and words of encouragement, often from complete strangers. It was particularly exciting to get to swim in Marina Bay, which is usually tightly controlled, so it felt like we got to be part of an elite and special club.”

Rebecca Thorburn Hatten
PTO Asian Open 2023 Finisher

Alongside getting to swim, bike and run in inspiring locations, the PTO will also deliver world-class event expos. Think a shopping mall, but specifically for triathletes! The PTO races are set to be the ultimate race weekend getaways for triathlon fans.

Endurance meets speed: exhilarating race dynamics will have you feeling like a PRO

The T100 races bring together the endurance challenge of a longer distance event, with the fast and furious dynamics of a short course race. Multi-lap courses concentrate the atmosphere and the energy of the race. For those up at the pointy end of the field, this means you can really get a feel for where you are versus your competitors – making for plenty of epic sprint finishes. And for those aiming to complete, rather than compete, you’ll always have plenty of other athletes around you for that extra motivation and camaraderie. Add in the energy from the crowds and your supporters, and you’ll feel like you’re one of the PROs.

Kristian Blummenfelt PTO Asian Open 2023
Photo Credit: Darren Wheeler / ThatCameraMan / PTO

Together with the format, the 100km distance itself creates dynamic racing. While only slightly shorter than your classic middle distance race, that small drop in distance means you can really challenge yourself to up your speed over the distance. It’s the ultimate race to find out just how fast you can go. For those who want to, racing the 100km distance means you can go all out from start to finish. And for those who are stepping up from the sprint or Olympic distances for the first time, the slightly shorter bike and run make the PTO’s 100km races accessible for first-timers.

T100 Triathlon World Tour
Race with T100 in 2024

100km distance is the perfect endurance challenge for triathletes of all experience levels

Whether you’re just getting into triathlon and you’re looking for a well-organised race in a supportive environment. An experienced triathlete looking forward to testing yourself over a new distance. Or somewhere in between…  The T100 races offer up an exciting endurance challenge – open to anyone who wants to step up to the start line.

Challenge yourself in a supportive environment

For age-group triathletes who are giving a longer distance race a try for the first time, a T100 race will offer the perfect balance of excitement, atmosphere and support.

Age group triathlete at PTO Asian Open
Age group triathletes of all experience levels can expect a fun and supportive environment at the PTO T100 races.


“Having previously raced sprint and Olympic distances, the step up to 100km seemed daunting! In some previous races I have been so nervous in the run up and on race morning that it has taken away the enjoyment a little but this time a combination of the excitement of encountering the pros a couple of times before my race (and realising they are just normal people like me!), racing in a familiar place with lots of people supporting and trying a distance that I had never tried before with no expectation of timings all put me in a really positive mindset.”

Suzie Bacon
PTO Asian Open 2023 Finisher

The world-class organisation coupled with the supportive atmosphere created by the multi-lap race courses and “festival of triathlon” format will make the T100 races an ideal choice for triathletes wanting to ensure they have a really positive experience.

Stay motivated with a fresh distance to test your limits

If you’re a seasoned middle- or long-course triathlete, you might have found that racing the same distance time and time again has become formulaic. Different race, same performance. The 100km distance brings a new challenge to the triathlon scene that will skyrocket your motivation levels.

Go too hard, and you’ll blow up before you cover the distance. But pace it like an IRONMAN and you’ll be left in the dust. The 2km swim adds a little bit of extra water-based real estate compared to a middle distance race, giving stronger swimmers an added opportunity to gain an advantage. The 80km non-drafting bike will have short course racers testing their limits to go the distance, and long-course racers having to find that extra bit of speed. And the 18km run distance means you can roll the dice and really push the pace.


“I typically race the 70.3 distance triathlon, which is only marginally longer but it made a big psychological difference to be able to push that little bit harder. It was also nice to go into a race without a benchmark per se – I was really able to see the 100km distance as a unique “personal best” opportunity since I’d never done a race at that precise combination of distances.”

Rebecca Thorburn Hatten
PTO Asian Open 2023 Finisher

Those race dynamics will mean that triathletes coming from both long and short course backgrounds will need to take a fresh approach to their training. Either building up volume, or bringing in more high intensity efforts. Add to that the need for a different race strategy, and the 100km distance creates an opportunity for seasoned age-group triathletes to experience all of the excitement of feeling like a first timer again. When it comes to staying motivated, that’s not to be underestimated.

Event weekends created with triathlon fans in mind. Exhilarating race dynamics against iconic backdrops in amazing locations. And a fresh distance that sets you up for a guaranteed PB – no matter how experienced you are. It’s hard to find a reason not to get a T100 race in the calendar!

T100 Triathlon World Tour
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