GB Age-Group medals: ETU Sprint Distance Triathlon Champs – Glasgow

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British athletes claim 22 Gold medals at Glasgow 2018

(Header image photo credit – Cecilia Frascoroli / ETU Triathlon)

Having won 51 medals (19 Gold) three weeks ago over the Standard Distance in Tartu, Estonia (HERE), the British Age-Group team domination in Glasgow over the Sprint Distance on Saturday was, perhaps not surprisingly, even more complete. 67 medals was the final count in Strathclyde Country Part at the ETU Sprint Triathlon European Championships, part of a hugely impressive Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

Those 67 medals equate to 85% of the podium positions on the day, from the total of 79 medals awarded on Saturday evening within the Elite transition area following the Mixed Relay European Championship event.

Several British athletes managed the Sprint / Standard Distance double, with Donald Brooks (40-44), also being the fastest athlete overall in both Tartu and Glasgow.

The fastest female athlete overall was Trish Deykin, who retained the Gold medal in her 40-44 category that she won in Dusseldorf last year.


Overall Age-Group Men

1st – Donald Brooks (GBR) – 1:03:10 (40-44)
2nd – Jack Shayler (GBR) – 1:03:30 (16-19)
3rd – Edward Castro (GBR) – 1:03:34 (30-34)
4th – William Kirk (GBR) – 1:03:41 (20-24)
5th – David Pearson (GBR) – 1:03:45 (20-24)

Overall Age-Group Women

1st – Trish Deykin (GBR) – 1:09:06 (40-44)
2nd – Heather Fell (GBR) – 1:11:46 (35-39)
3rd – Gwen Kinsey (GBR) – 1:11:55 (40-44)
4th – Kirsty O’Brien (GBR) – 1:12:13 (35-39)
5th – Alison Mackenzie (GBR) – 1:12:27 (30-34)

In winning Gold in the 60-64 category, Joyce Mark took the European title over the Sprint distance for the SEVENTH consecutive season, adding to previous success in Eilat, Alanya, Kitzbuhel, Geneva, Lisbon and Dusseldorf. 70-74 winner, Michael Smallwood, extended his ETU/ITU medal collection to 26, winning his category by more than four minutes.

Where were the rest of Europe? Actually, in Glasgow too…

It is of course no surprise to see the British team – on home soil – by far the largest in both numbers and medal success, but it wasn’t ‘just’ an all British affair.

Digging a little deeper, there were a total of 21 nations represented in the Age-Group races with just over 30% of the 852 athletes that started not in the Great Britain colours, with Ireland (66), Belgium (46), Germany (39) and Austria (30) among the nations with good numbers. Only the two oldest categories present (F75-79, M80-84) were ‘Great Britain only’ in terms of entrants.

Can an Age-Group European Championships ever, truly, be reflective of the depth of athletes across the continent, given the travel and cost implications for ‘amateur’ athletes? Almost certainly not. However, it is positive to see more nations represented even if, on first glance at least, that is not reflected in the bottom line medal counts.

One thing I do know, the athletes got to race on a great course in a well organised event as an integral part of a major international multi sport with all of the infrastructure and profile that comes with it. The organisers, in conjunction with a staggering number of ‘Team 2018’ volunteers, did a fantastic job.

Glasgow 2018 ETU Sprint Triathlon European Championships: Age-Group
750m / 20km / 5km (Non-drafting)

British Triathlon podiums (67)

Gold (22)

Eden Schiller: 16-19 Female
Jack Shayler: 16-19 Male
Hannah Dodwell: 20-24 Female
William Kirk: 20-24 Male
Alison Mackenzie: 30-34 Female
Edward Castro: 30-34 Male
Heather Fell: 35-39 Female
James Wilson: 35-39 Male
Trish Deykin: 40-44 Female
Donald Brooks: 40-44 Male
Lena Poulton: 45-49 Female
Simon Crook: 45-49 Male
Maria Powell: 50-54 Female
Barbara Holmes: 55-59 Female
Stuart Robinson: 55-59 Male
Joyce Mark: 60-64 Female
Chris Goulden: 60-64 Male
Anne Hughes: 65-69 Female
Keith Bate: 65-69 Male
Michael Smallwood: 70-74 Male
Peggy Crome: 75-79 Female
Arnott Kidd: 80-84 Male

Silver (24)

William Dixon: 16-19 Male
Brooke Gillies: 20-24 Female
David Pearson: 20-24 Male
Brittany Tate: 25-29 Female
Samuel Woods: 25-29 Male
Keira Gore: 30-34 Female
Daniel Jenkin: 30-34 Male
Kirsty O’Brien: 35-39 Female
Chris Stanton: 35-39 Male
Gwen Kinsey: 40-44 Female
Matthew Barnes: 40-44 Male
Emma Fisher: 45-49 Female
Paul James: 45-49 Male
Mark Russell: 50-54 Male
Kerstin Mogull: 55-59 Female
Alan Bremner: 55-59 Male
Penny Rother: 60-64 Female
Sandy Anning: 65-69 Female
Michael Dunne: 65-69 Male
Pam Oliver: 70-74 Female
Richard File: 70-74 Male
Jane Askey: 75-79 Female
Roger Kiernan: 75-79 Male
Peter Norman: 80-84 Male

Bronze (21)

Grace Goodall: 16-19 Female
Reuben Trotter: 16-19 Male
Lewis Strachan: 20-24 Male
Claire Danson: 25-29 Female
Timothy Wood: 25-29 Male
James Dean: 30-34 Male
Erica Booth: 35-39 Female
Paul Ryman: 35-39 Male
Corinne Moss: 40-44 Female
Celia Miall: 45-49 Female
Timothy Watson: 45-49 Male
Tim Ashelford: 50-54 Male
Jacqui Thomson: 55-59 Female
David Auchie: 55-59 Male
Mary Derrick: 60-64 Female
Alexander Graham Whyte: 60-64 Male
Julia Hector: 65-69 Female
Stephen Williams: 65-69 Male
Helen Hayes: 70-74 Female
Alexander Heron: 70-74 Male
Don Shotton: 75-79 Male

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