#GBKona 2016 – GB & Ireland men’s results

The full results listings of every GB & Ireland male triathlete at Kona 2016. Pro or Age Grouper find out how they fared at the IRONMAN World Championship.


In the lead up to the 2016 Ironman World Championships in Kona we highlighted the full listing of GB & Ireland entrants who had made it to the big island of Hawaii.

So, how did they all do? Well, here are the results for the MEN. ALL OF THEM.

The Pro’s

In aggregate, it wasn’t the best of days for the five British Pro athletes racing – yet one managed to set the fastest time ever from a British athlete at the IRONMAN World Championship.

11th last year on his debut in Hawaii, David McNamee actually dropped back two places to 13th this year. With the prize purse rolling down to the top ten places, the six minutes between himself and tenth placed Frederik Van Lierde (BEL) will be a painful one (to the tune of $10,000), but there was some consolation – David’s finishing time of 8:28:05 is the fastest ever by a British athlete in Hawaii, surpassing the the 8:29:02 set by Tome Lowe in 2011, when finishing 11th.

While he didn’t have the fastest run time this year (that went to Patrick Lange (GER) who set a blistering course record of 2:39:45 on the way to third place), 2:49:56 was another strong effort from the Scottish athlete who tops the ‘fastest Brit’ table for a second consecutive year in Hawaii.

The day didn’t go so well for the other four British Pro’s. Joe Skipper ‘rolled the dice’ on the bike and it looked like it was going to pay off too. In the company of Sebastian Kienle and Michael Weiss among others, he got within 30 seconds of the leading group, eliminating his swim deficit before “I just blew up. Literally went backwards after that and could barely turn the pedals. Sometimes you have to take a chance and I’ve raced this race twice now with different tactics each time.”

Joe would have company to the finish however, as Will Clarke was having a very tough introduction to Kona – which many before and after him will also suffer!

“I’m really proud of myself for choosing the difficult option to keep in the spirit of Ironman that most of the 2500 other athletes do and muscle it round to the finish carpet, rather then pull the plug and go home feeling even worse. That’s just not the Ironman spirit!”

It was also a day of contrasts for Harry Wiltshire. In excellent form this year with wins at IRONMAN Vichy and IRONMAN 70.3 Weymouth, Wiltshire took the kudos for leading out the opening 2.4 mile swim. He went with the pace too and, like Joe Skipper, didn’t play the percentages game – and paid for that bravery later on in the day.

Like Harry and David, Tim Don was also in a great position after the swim and through the early stages of the bike before his day would come to an abrupt end:

Age Grouper’s

For the Age-Group Men, there was just one podium (top five in Hawaii) finish from the British and Irish contingent, and that went to the second fastest British athlete overall on the day, Andrew Greenleaf (30-34) from Team Freespeed. It was a close one though; so swift are the athletes in Hawaii that his 9:08:27 on his debut was just 14 seconds ahead of sixth place. Those seconds are key however, as that means that Andy will return home with the coveted Umeke.

The fastest Irish athlete on Saturday and a man who certainly made some headlines with his biking was Irish Ironman record holder, Bryan McCrystal. The first Age-Group athlete overall off the bike, he would finish 12th in the 35-39 division.

GB & Ireland men Kona 2016 full results

AthleteCategoryCountryCat PositionTime
David McNameeMPROGBR13th08:28:05
William ClarkeMPROGBR41st09:25:07
Joe SkipperMPROGBR42nd09:25:07
Harry WiltshireMPROGBR40th09:24:18
Davie WilliamsonM18-24GBR17th10:40:06
Reece BarclayM25-29GBR21st09:33:29
Tom BurkinshawM25-29GBR68th10:10:26
Alexander ChikinM25-29GBR19th09:31:56
Stephen DerrettM25-29GBR73rd10:18:58
Henry EatonM25-29GBR69th10:10:50
Benjamin HallM25-29GBR74th10:19:31
Finlay McAndrewM25-29GBR61st10:06:32
James NellanyM25-29GBR45th09:50:48
James PageM25-29GBR82nd10:47:05
Gareth PettsM25-29GBR43rd09:48:49
Damian ClogherM25-29IRL97th12:06:34
Matthew AldersonM30-34GBR141st10:49:27
Alan BlakieM30-34GBR115th10:14:07
Duncan BullockM30-34GBR60th09:43:07
Paul CowlingM30-34GBR86th09:52:08
Brian William FogartyM30-34GBR105th10:02:55
James GillM30-34GBR112th10:10:16
Andy GreenleafM30-34GBR5th09:08:27
Dale GreenwoodM30-34GBR110th10:09:14
Haukur HeimissonM30-34GBR80th09:50:48
James WilsonM30-34GBR150th11:07:27
Philip WilsonM30-34GBR121st10:18:04
Aidan CallaghanM30-34IRL89th09:54:06
Geoff BamberM35-39GBR99th09:58:57
James BrownM35-39GBR124th10:10:08
Paul BurtonM35-39GBR40th09:32:07
Ben CartwrightM35-39GBR167th10:35:42
Mathieu DavyM35-39GBR102nd09:59:50
David GreenM35-39GBR66th09:43:37
Craig HamiltonM35-39GBR122nd10:08:44
Alex Benjamin HighamM35-39GBR14th09:15:50
Ben JohnsonM35-39GBR207th11:49:05
William John NewberyM35-39GBR111th10:04:00
Richard ShepardM35-39GBR79th09:48:32
Conor BellM35-39IRL218th12:59:06
Mark HigginsM35-39IRL65th09:43:33
Bryan McCrystalM35-39IRL12th09:12:08
Ross McLynnM35-39IRL77th09:47:45
Ivan OgormanM35-39IRL32nd09:27:42
Ian BakerM40-44GBR238th14:07:33
Nicholas BussM40-44GBR51st09:54:21
Nicholas ClarryM40-44GBR156th10:38:46
Charles HickmanM40-44GBR150th10:37:03
Andy HockeyM40-44GBR39th09:49:11
Craig HunterM40-44GBR129th10:27:33
Dean KirkhamM40-44GBR55th09:56:09
Paul LeeM40-44GBR191st11:10:08
Phil LesterM40-44GBR183rd10:59:21
Mark LiveseyM40-44GBRDNSDNS
Alistair McVeighM40-44GBR196th11:13:55
Sean BarryM40-44IRL137th10:31:20
Ciaran ByrneM40-44IRL56th09:56:51
Owen MartinM40-44IRL34th09:39:35
Martin MuldoonM40-44IRL67th10:01:31
Ian AndersonM45-49GBR189th11:21:39
James BeckinsaleM45-49GBR117th10:37:19
Nathan BlakeM45-49GBR64th10:14:35
Matthew CockerillM45-49GBR120th10:38:18
Glyn CollenM45-49GBR208th11:39:43
Kevin DawsonM45-49GBR172nd11:11:04
Andrew DayM45-49GBR264th15:05:00
Stephen DayM45-49GBR12th09:34:49
Rav DigheM45-49GBR253rd14:12:28
Pete DowlingM45-49GBR270th15:55:22
Joe DuckworthM45-49GBR130th10:41:46
Graham FriendM45-49GBR108th10:32:52
Phil GallM45-49GBR203rd11:34:03
Steve GrocockM45-49GBR42nd10:01:39
Sean NicolleM45-49GBR32nd09:55:11
Panos KakoullisM45-49GBR240th13:07:11
Graham BaxterM50-54GBR9th09:48:07
Roger CanhamM50-54GBR33rd10:24:18
Roger DentonM50-54GBR107th11:34:06
Stephen DrewM50-54GBR113th11:36:18
John FrenchM50-54GBR72nd10:57:55
Bob GordonM50-54GBR193rd15:25:12
James GrahamM50-54GBR101st11:26:42
David HallM50-54GBR125th11:47:58
David MellerM50-54GBR88th11:13:50
Richard NeweyM50-54GBR67th10:54:32
Mark RichardsonM50-54GBR48th10:41:11
Mark WalshM50-54GBR191st15:18:16
Innes WrightM50-54GBR108th11:35:28
John MilneM50-54IRL156th12:44:29
Gerwyn DaviesM55-59GBR59th11:54:31
Mark HudsonM55-59GBR83rd12:50:42
Jeremy SnoadM55-59GBR45th11:32:59
Charles WatsonM55-59GBR75th12:25:17
Mark WrigleyM55-59GBR66th12:10:07
Andrew CoxM60-64GBR62nd15:28:48
Haydn WhitmoreM60-64GBR34th12:29:37
Charles CowanM65-69GBR24th14:31:10
Christopher GeorgeM70-74GBR8th14:37:05
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