British Age-Group success at The Championship

In addition to the win of Lucy Charles in the Pro race, there were plenty of British Age-Group athletes on the podium at The Championship in Samorin


Which Brits collected trophies in Samorin?

As well as a fine Pro race (report HERE), Age-Group racing at The Championship was very competitive on Sunday and, I predict, will continue to get even tougher over the next couple of years as awareness of this gem of a race increased.

Several British names, including Kona podium finishers and ITU / ETU Champions were attracted to Slovakia this year, which resulted in a total of 11 British athletes stepping on to the podium on Sunday evening at the prize presentation.

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The Championship, Samorin, Slovakia – Sunday 3rd June 2018
1.9km / 90km / 21.1km


1st – F25-29 – Ruth Purbrook – 4:35:15
1st – F30-34 – Laura Fidler – 4:43:27
2nd – F30-34 – Tara Grosvenor – 4:44:26
2nd – F45-49 – Jane Hansom – 5:00:13
3rd – F55-59 – Valerie Place – 5:32:49

2nd – M25-29 – Josh Holman – 4:08:56
1st – M35-39 – Chris Standidge – 4:06:16
1st – M40-44 – Mark Livesey – 4:13:14
2nd – M40-44 – Tony Cullen – 4:17:59
1st – M65-69 – David Patten – 5:11:38
3rd – M70-74 – Michael Winstanley – 7:01:03

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