Sankt Wendel: GB Age-Group medals ETU Powerman Duathlon Champs

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11 Great Britain Age-Group medals at ETU Powerman Duathlon Championships in Germany



Previously referred to as the ‘Long’ distance, the renamed ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships over the (non-drafting) 10km / 60km / 10km format was held on Sunday in Sankt Wendel, Germany, venue of the ITU World Championships way back in 1998.

We should have a good selection of images from the race in the next couple of days (Mrs. Editor was over at the race with the Tri247 camera…), but the Great Britain Age-Group team collected a total of 11 medals, four¬†of them Gold.

It was a tough course too, the run described as “nasty!”, with a huge climb on each lap of the run, sharp descents and a variety of surfaces. True ‘Powerman’ heritage.

Coming just three weeks after the ETU Sprint / Standard Distance Championships in Soria, Spain (SPRINT | STANDARD results), several GB athletes managed to medal at both, including double Gold for Kate Morris, Eleanor Robinson and Mick Anglim. After three previous Bronze ETU medals, Boo Smith (pictured above with Elite winner, Emma Pooley), finally managed to go one better with a Silver. That leaves a targeting a future Gold to complete the set for her!

Sankt Wendel ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships – 21st May 2017
10km / 60km / 10km

GOLD (4)

  • Jessica Chamberlain – F25-29
  • Kate Morris – F50-54
  • Eleanor Robinson – F70-74
  • Mick Anglim – M70-74


  • Eilidh Yates – F30-34
  • Chris Kilburn – M30-34
  • Helen Bateson – F35-39
  • Kirsti Sharratt – F45-49
  • Boo Smith – F55-59


  • Vikki Sivertsen – F50-54
  • Paul Rogers – M50-54

ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships

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