County Cross Country Championships 2018: ‘Triathletes’

A quick roundup of some triathletes past and present who secured medals this past weekend at their County Cross Country Championships


The first weekend of January is the traditional time for the Country Cross Country Championships to be held all over the country.

As regular readers of TRI247 will know, we do endeavour to keep an interested eye on ‘triathletes’ racing in and doing well in other sports – and indeed, in former triathletes moving on and finding success elsewhere.

There were of course many hundreds of multisport athletes racing through the mud this past weekend, with quite a few past and present names returning home with County Championship Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. Now, with so many events taking place, lots of different categories (and some results yet to be fully finalised), here is a start on the medal success of names that we have consistently seen performing well in the triathlon and duathlon world in recent years.

We know it is not complete which is where you come in!

*** If we’ve missed you, your club-mate or someone you know from this list of 2018 County Cross Country Championship medal winners, then a) apologies, and b) please do let me know the details (County / Name / Position / Category) via [email protected], and I’ll get the details updated for you. ***


  • Lucy Byram – 3rd, Junior Women


  • Chloe Cook – 2nd, Senior Women


  • Freya Thomson – 1st, Junior Women


  • Daniel Slater – 1st, Junior Men

Leicestershire & Rutland

  • Sophie Coldwell – 2nd, Senior Women
  • Claire Shea-Simmonds – 2nd, Masters Women


  • Katie Hewison – 3rd, Senior Women


  • Matt Sharp – 1st, Senior Men


  • Nicola Dick – 1st, 50+ Women

Nicky Dick


  • Martin Beare – 1st, V55 Men
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