Kona the ‘ultimate goal’ as Sodaro eyes IRONMAN debut in Hamburg

American Chelsea Sodaro is set to make her full-distance debut in June at IRONMAN Hamburg, with the “ultimate goal” of qualifying for the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona in October.

Sodaro, who is one year on from the birth of her daughter Skye, announced her plans in an interview with Bob Babbitt ahead of her appearance at CLASH Miami this weekend.

IRONMAN Hamburg in focus

Speaking on Breakfast with Bob, Sodaro said about her schedule:

“I’ll be racing IRONMAN Oceanside 70.3 after this, then IRONMAN Hamburg at the beginning of June.”

“I’m really excited. My team BMC-Vifit is based in Europe so a lot of my sponsors are there.

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“My ultimate goal is to get to Kona, I’m really curious to see what I can do at Kona at the elite level. I’ve trained there a few times, and I’ve spectated there – that’s the pinnacle of the sport I want to see what I have got.”

Having never raced over the full distance before, but already a multiple winner at 70.3, Sodaro is set for a baptism of fire at the popular race in Germany, but she believes she has hired the right help to get her where she needs to be.

“You know I have an amazing coach, Dan Plews, who owns an age-group world record in Kona so he knows what he is doing.

“I have a lot of trust in his programme for me and we’ve had to take a gradual approach because I’m still coming back from having a baby but I have a lot of confidence in my training – it’s always fun to be a beginner too.”

One year on

Heading it this weekend’s action, Sodaro is using the event to celebrate a landmark in her post-partum journey.

“This weekend, especially, is celebratory for me because I’m going to be a year post-partum. I am so happy to be healthy and feeling pretty fit, I’m just hopeful to carry the momentum from this race into the rest of my season.

“I think that in those last couple of miles on the run, when things get tough, I have that extra piece of motivation and that little bit of mom strength that will serve me well.”

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