Elite doping positive from ITU World Triathlon Bermuda

News form the International Triathlon Union of an Elite athlete doping positive and sanction from the ITU World Triathlon Bermuda. Mexico’s David Mendoza is suspended for three years, six months.


Three years and six month ban for Mexico’s David Mendoza

After lasts weeks news (HERE) of an Age-Group doping positive from the 2017 IRONMAN World Championship, more news today from the International Triathlon Union of an Elite sanction from an in-competition test at the recent ITU World Triathlon Bermuda.

David Mendoza – also from Mexico – “reported an adverse analytical finding for GW501516 and its metabolites. GW501516 is classified as a Hormone and Metabolic Modulator under section S.4.5.1 of the WADA Prohibited List. It is a non-specified substance, the use of which is prohibited at all times.”

(Click HERE for more about GW501516 – also known as Endurabol – which is quite scary reading, given that testing showed the drug to cause cancer rapidly in several organs. Indeed, even the World Anti-Doping Authority went as far in 2013 of issuing a warning to potential users of its health risks.)

Interestingly – but slightly confusingly – the athlete:

  • waives the analysis of his B sample
  • admits the anti doping rule violation, but
  • ‘speculates that it was from a vitamin B complex he ingested the night prior to his test upon falling ill and pleads his innocence’

Mendoza finished 34th (of 40 finishers) in Bermuda, though his result has now been disqualified.

The standard period of suspension in these cases under the WADA code is four years. We would assume at this stage that the “ITU’s proposed 6-month reduction” which was agreed by WADA, was due to “promptly admits the anti-doping rule violation” – despite the comments of innocence above.


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