Castle Triathlon Series partners with Outdoor Swimmer to launch a new Hever Castle Swim

In conjunction with Outdoor Swimmer, the Hever Castle Triathlon adds new Hever Castle Swim events to their 23rd September schedule


The swim-only event on Saturday 23rd September 2017 provides the choice of three different distances including a one-mile “leisure and family swim”

The Hever Castle Triathlon boasts a unique and stunning swim route which takes in the Castle Lake and River Eden and circumnavigates 16 Acre Island so it is hardly surprising that Outdoor Swimmer wants to dive in and offer open water swimmers the opportunity to experience it. The swim described by many triathletes as the ‘best open water swim ever completed’ will now be open to outdoor swimmers as an event in its own right with distances including 2.5km, 5km (2 loops) and 1 mile.

Simon Griffiths from Outdoor Swimmer says: “We’re excited to be working this year with Castle Triathlon, one of the premier mass participation event organisers in the country with some of the finest venues. We’re looking forward to helping them create a new swim-only event and bringing a new audience to Hever Castle. “On a recent visit to Hever Castle I swam a loop of the swim course with Brian Adcock from Castle Triathlon. As we threaded our way between the lilies in the River Eden channel, it struck me that this was the perfect location for a relaxed, social paddle, so we came up with the idea of the one-mile leisure and family swim.

“Triathletes are always in a hurry to get to their bikes but outdoor swimmers really get the opportunity to savour the experience. We want to encourage swimmers to pause, forget about the clock and enjoy a beautiful swim.”

As well as the one-mile leisure and family wave, we are offering 2.5km and 5km distances for swimmers looking for more of a challenge. The latter is half the Olympic open water marathon distance. All swimmers will be provided with timing chips and the races categorised into wetsuits and non-wetsuits. Prizes will be awarded for the top three male and female competitors in the 2.5km and 5km events.. Parents of enthusiastic swimmers are encouraged to enter the one mile event alongside their children and swim with them. The swim only event on Saturday 23rd September 2017 at Hever Castle provides the choice of three different distances:

  • 5km – 2 loop circuit, approx 11:00AM, £55.00
  • 2.5km – 1 loop circuit, approx 11:10AM, £45.00
  • 1 mile “leisure and family swim.” 1 loop circuit, approx 11:30AM, £35.00

Castle Triathlon Series, Brian Adcock comments: “As open water swimming becomes ever more popular in its own right, we’re delighted to partner with Outdoor Swimmer magazine to launch a new swimming event in the fabulous grounds of Hever Castle. We’re particularly excited about our new ‘Leisure & Family Swim’, which will give parents and children an opportunity to enjoy this fantastic swim at their own pace.”

You can find out more and sign up HERE to book your swim on Saturday 23rd September at Hever Castle.

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