Worldwide Premiere: PATAGONMAN 2019 Xtreme Triathlon documentary TODAY

A rarity currently (!), NEW triathlon event coverage with the release today of the 2019 PATAGONMAN XTREME Documentary on endurance sports TV


PATAGONMAN 2019 Documentary on endurance sports TV tonight

Wednesday 25 March at 6PM GMT

Hot on the heels of their three months free offer, endurance sports TV ( will this evening be the first place that you will be able to see the documentary of the 2019 PATAGONMAN Xtreme Triathlon.

The 2019 edition was won by the British duo of Tim Don and Flora Colledge (REPORT), and the event was described by 2018 winner, Lucy Gossage, as “The experience of a lifetime“.

The PATAGONMAN 2019 Xtreme Triathlon Documentary

We at endurance sports TV are excited to announce the Worldwide Premiere of the PATAGONMAN 2019 Xtreme Triathlon documentary.

Experience the beauty and excitement of PATAGONMAN 2019 Xtreme Triathlon, with the participation of world-renowned athlete Tim Don.

Ignacio Valdivieso, PATAGONMAN Xtri Race Director said: “We wanted to develop what we did last year and create a film which remains true to the PATAGONMAN core values. This new documentary shows our ability as humans to cope with the biggest imaginable challenges and how we can take different approaches to adversity but at the end we are all so similar in our soul.

In times when the world seems to be stopping for a moment giving us the opportunity to reflect about our actions and its consequences, this documentary shows us that sometimes going back to the basics, to nature, to our roots, to simplicity… can bring us more reward in life than to keep pushing ourselves to edge of consumption”.

The exclusive documentary will be available to watch on endurance sports TV on Wednesday 25 March at 6PM GMT and we are pleased to offer everyone three months free subscription to our channel.

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