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Britain’s Olympic triathlon stars provided one of THE feelgood moments of 2021 when they stormed to Mixed Relay gold in Tokyo last summer.

Just over a month later, they made a triumphant return to London for the opening race of the 2021 Super League Triathlon Championship Series. And it was all captured in glorious colour in a new documentary, which you can watch right now.

As well as a close-up look at that epic racing Sunday in Canary Wharf, the raw and brilliant behind-the-scenes access provides a terrific window into the worlds of Jess Learmonth, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Jonny Brownlee and Alex Yee.

‘Every Second Counts’ shows what makes them tick, their desire and hunger for success and the special relationships and bonds they have formed in the sport. Notably with each other.

Georgia & Jess, a special bond

One of the most heartwarming narratives of triathlon in 2021 was that special bond between Jess and Georgia.

It shone through when Georgia suffered that fall from her bike in London, and then in the momentary confusion surrounding her initial disqualification and subsequent reinstatement in Jersey.

It ended with the pair fighting it out for overall SLT glory in Malibu, and Tim Don describes it as “a friendship forged in the pursuit of excellence”.

Speaking in the documentary, Georgia says of her great friend: “It’s hard to describe what our friendship is like. It’s just an easy friendship, it’s just really easy.

“We’ve got so much to chat about all the time. I just feel better having Jess around.”

Jess added: “I don’t think we even started to get close until I think it was 2016. Since then we’ve been getting closer and closer and obviously we train together and now we race together all the time on the circuit, so I can’t get away from her!”

Home comforts for Yee

The documentary also gives an illuminating look into the home life of Yee, and the feelings he went through when he returned to his home locale in London after becoming a global star in Tokyo. In a way it was perfect symmetry.

“I still say it’s bizarre to be in a relay with Jonny, now winning his gold medal, when his first campaign started there (London). I guess I feel like a product of that Olympics (in 2012), it being in my home town and just to be part of his journey and him to be a massive part of mine without realising in a way.”

Brownlee, the most experienced Olympian among the quartet, speaks with excitement in his voice as he talks about the Yorkshire culture which fostered his love of sport.


Jonny is Yorkshire proud

“I started triathlon when I was about six years old because my mum used to swim and my dad ran. And my uncle actually happened to be in triathlon, so I did it.

“Unbelievably Yorkshire proud, I’ve trained in Leeds my entire career. And one of the great things about Leeds is the facilities in the city centre and then you can get out and ride in the lanes of the Yorkshire Dales and the paths around my house.

“I also realise the sporting culture of Leeds is absolutely massive – the fact that when I was 10 years old I could go down to the end of my street and meet a cycling pack that would take me into the Yorkshire Dales and would stop at a cafe.

“I really, really enjoyed that sporting culture, and making sport and training fun.”

Brownlee ends the segment sat on his living room floor showing off his Olympic medal collection. The segment, fittingly, ends with the 31-year-old jokingly once again uttering that now famous phrase:

“Olympics, completed it mate.”

You wan watch the whole of Episode 1 of ‘Every Second Counts’ – entitled ‘The Golden Quartet’ – by clicking on the YouTube embed below. Enjoy!

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