Beginner Super Sprint Triathlon Training Plan – 8 Weeks

If you’re considering getting stuck into the world of triathlons then you probably want to start with the Super Sprint distance. Widely considered the entry-level event in this popular endurance sport, the Super Sprint is a great opportunity to experience all three disciplines back-to-back (that’s running, swimming and cycling).

If you’re a novice triathlete with their eyes set on this speedy distance then it’s time to get on a Super Sprint Triathlon training plan and start working towards your goal.

A Super Sprint triathlon consists of a 400 metre swim, a 10 kilometre bike ride and finishes with a 2.5 kilometre run. Due to the short swim distance, Super Sprint triathlons often utilise indoor swimming pools, however it is possible to find them with an open water swim.

Although these hopefully sound like very manageable distances, any triathlon is an endurance event and one that you should train for using a Super Sprint triathlon training guide.

Do I Need a Super Sprint Triathlon Training Plan?

Although the Super Sprint triathlon is very achievable for those with a good level of fitness, it is still a learning curve. Even if you’re a keen runner or cyclist looking to take things to the next level, adding two new types of exercise into your routine can be overwhelming.

Super Sprint Triathlon Training Plan – 8 Week

An 8 week triathlon training plan that takes you through to race day. Perfect for beginner triathletes who are:

  • New to triathlon and looking to complete your first triathlon
  • Can do 3 to 5 hours training per week
  • Able to swim 100m nonstop, bike 30 mins, run 20 minutes

Triathlon workout plans can be found everywhere online but you should always make sure you’re getting them from a reputable source. That’s one of the reasons that we’ve partnered with Brownlee Fitness, to ensure that beginners and athletes alike have access to premium triathlon training guides you can trust.

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