Olympic Games Mixed Team Relay Gold
Alex Yee Super Marten Van Riel Super League Triathlon Malibu 2021
Georgia Taylor-Brown Alex Yee Super League Triathlon Malibu 2021
Jonny Brownlee / Super League Triathlon London 2021
Jessica Learmonth / Super League Triathlon London
Super League Triathlon Malibu 2021
Lucy Charles-Barclay Gustav Iden 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship
Alex Yee Super League Jersey 2021
Super League Triathlon Jersey 2021
Jessica Learmonth / Super League Triathlon Munich
Super League Triathlon Munich 2021
Alex Yee / Super League Triathlon London
Vicky Holland / Super League Triathlon London
Hayden Wilde / Super League Triathlon London 2021
Georgia Taylor-Brown / Super League Triathlon London
Jessica Learmonth Super League Triathlon London 2021
Super League Triathlon London
SLT Teams / Super League Triathlon
Cassandra Beaugrand, Katie Zaferes - Day 2 (Enduro) finish, Super League Triathlon Singapore

Super League Triathlon is the (relatively) new kid on the triathlon block, providing a fast-paced alternative which is made for TV audiences.

The exciting format features some of the world’s top short-course specialists – including the entire Great Britain Olympic team from Tokyo 2020. U.S. star Katie Zaferes is also a major player along with French stars Vincent Luis and Cassandre Beaugrand.

We could also get a cameo in 2021 with British long-distance superstar Lucy Charles-Barclay pondering an appearance at Malibu in late September.

The Championship Series kicks off in London on Sunday September 5, the first of four major events in a whirlwind month of action.

After Canary Wharf, the action moves on to Munich on Sunday September 12, and then Jersey on Saturday September 18. That Malibu finale goes down on Saturday September 25.

What is Super League Triathlon?

Like we said, it’s fast-pased and exciting – and there are five formats:

  • Eliminator: Three short triathlons, with the slowest competitors eliminated after each one. Fifteen go through to the second and 10 to the third and final race. The third and final race gives the final finishing order.
  • Triple Mix: Three short triathlons are raced but in different order each time. First up the usual swim-bike-run, then run-bike-swim and after that bike-swim-run. Athletes do get a 10-minute break between each.
  • Equalizer: A two-stage race with an individual cycling time trial followed by a swim-run-swim-bike-run.
  • Enduro: Three short triathlons in one long swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run race. The last two athletes into transition after each discipline go out.
  • Sprint Enduro: A random draw splits the field into team groups, before each group races a short triathlon. The first five from each half advance along with the two fastest finishers. Then we get a shorter enduro race consisting of two short triathlons.