British Age-Groupers impress at IRONMAN Lanzarote

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Brian Fogarty, Corinne Clark top the Age-Group ranks at IRONMAN Lanzarote 2019

As we’ve already reported (HERE), the 2019 edition of IRONMAN Lanzarote was a career-best day for Great Britain’s Nikki Bartlett. Winning her first Pro race and also securing her start at the IRONMAN World Championship in the process, the race will live long in her memory

The event was also a hugely successful one for several British Age-Group athletes who collected a total of 14 podium finishes.

Those awards included eight category wins, including the 35-39 division – male and female – where Brian Fogarty and Corinne Clark were also the quickest Age-Group athletes overall. Brian’s race wasn’t without incident either, having had to spend ten minutes at the roadside with a puncture before a replacement wheel allowed him to continue and match his result from Lanzarote two years ago, where he was also the quickest Age-Grouper.

Corinne Clark lead a British one-two in the female Age-Group event, finishing just two minutes ahead of Lucy Biddlestone, who won F30-34 after twice finishing second in F25-29 in both 2016 and 2017. Corinne’s return to triathlon continues to be a successful one – she was also the quickest Age-Group athlete at IRONMAN Wales last year. Both finished second in their respective categories, meaning their both get to do it all again in Kona in October.

There was husband and wife success too for Jennifer and Graeme Stewart. Both finished second in their respective categories which means both will get the opportunity to race again in Hawaii in early October.

Another Kona-bound athlete is the ever-impressive Gill Fullen. She won F55-59 by more than an hour, went fast enough to have won F50-54 too and her time would have put her on the podium in both F45-49 and F40-44 as well.

Here is the full roundup.


Fastest British Age-Group athletes overall
(Position = within overall AG race)

1st – Brain Fogarty (GBR) – 9:28:53
7th – Lewis Eccleston (GBR) – 9:45:23
9th – Tom Ward (GBR) – 9:49:01

1st – Corinne Clark (GBR) – 11:01:27
2nd – Lucy Biddlestone (GBR) – 11:03:46
8th – Jennifer Stewart (GBR) – 11:46:36

IRONMAN Lanzarote 2019
British Age-Group Podium Results

Gold (8)

  • Rachel Rutherford – F18-24 – 12:11:12
  • Lucy Biddlestone – F30-34 – 11:03:46
  • Corinne Clark – F35-39 – 11:01:27
  • Gill Fullen – F55-59 – 11:56:40
  • Finn Arentz – M18-24 – 9:56:01
  • Brian Fogarty – M35-39 – 9:28:53
  • Tom Ward – M40-44 – 9:49:01
  • Nick Kinsey – M60-64 – 11:10:31

Silver (4)

  • Jennifer Stewart – F35-39 – 11:46:36
  • Fiona Davidson – F60-64 – 15:19:52
  • Lewis Eccleston – F25-29 – 9:45:23
  • Graeme Stewart – M40-44 – 9:58:15

Bronze (2)

  • Becky Hoare – F25-29 – 12:02:31
  • Elizabeth Trebilock – F55-59 – 14:00:31

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