Kramer, Deckers win Alpe d’Huez Long Course Triathlon

Great Britain’s run of podium success at the Alpe d’Huez Long Course Triathlon continues, though Emma Pooley had to settle for second this time around


Second place for 2015 Champion Emma Pooley at Alpe d’Huez

It is one of triathlon’s “beauty and the beast” courses; the truly stunning setting of the Alpe d’Huez Long Course Triathlon can only partially offset the pain and suffering that it inflicts on athletes taking on its challenge! It is though, truly stunning – and that’s why, for many, it is absolutely a “bucket list” event to do. Having been to see the race several times in person in prior years, it is well worthy of that status. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that it is a bit of cycling and then Alpe d’Huez at the end… there are plenty of significant ascents to make (and descend), long before you reach the iconic final climb.

Today’s women’s race was dominated by Tine Deckers (BEL), five times the winner of IRONMAN France. Giving up only a few seconds in the opening 2.2km swim at the always chilly waters of Lac du Verney, only 2015 winner and former Time Trial World Champion, Emma Pooley, could get within 10 minutes of her bike time to which she added a strong run to take victory by a huge margin of 18 minutes. She even matched the time of the renowned British climber on the timed ascent of Alpe d’Huez.

Taking second place, Pooley maintained the long history of British podium success at this race (see full details below), with Lisa Roberts (USA) completing the podium.

Germany’s Christian Kramer combined a fourth best swim, second fastest bike and fifth best run split to take a two minute victory margin over Timothy Van Houtem (BEL).

Alpe dHuez Long Course Triathlon – Thursday 27th July 2017
2.2km / 118km / 20km


1st – Tine Deckers (BEL) – 6:28:32
2nd – Emma Pooley (GBR) – 6:46:35
3rd – Lisa Roberts (USA) – 6:54:37
4th – Nina Derron (SUI) – 6:58:57
5th – Anna Noguera (ESP) – 7:11:21


1st – Christian Kramer (GER) – 5:53:28
2nd – Timothy Van Houtem (BEL) – 5:55:44
3rd – Kevin Rundstadler (FRA) – 5:57:22
4th – Gwenael Ouilleres (FRA) – 6:05:43
5th – Inaki Penna-Manso Carral (ESP) – 6:08:21

14th – Robert Brundish (GBR) – 6:22:13

British and Irish podium success at the Alpe d’Huez Long Course Triathlon

  • 2017: Emma Pooley – SECOND
  • 2016: Lucy Gossage – SECOND, Parys Edwards – THIRD – REPORT
  • 2015: Emma Pooley – WIN – REPORT
  • 2014: Catriona Morrison – WIN, Lucy Gossage – SECOND, Pary Edwards – THIRD – REPORT
  • 2013: Ritchie Nicholls – WIN, Eimear Mullan (IRL) – SECOND – REPORT
  • 2012: N/A (won by Mary Beth Ellis and Victor del Corral)
  • 2011: Catriona Morrison – WIN, Tamsin Lewis – THIRD – REPORT
  • 2010: Jodie Swallow – WIN – REPORT
  • 2009: N/A (won by Nicola Spirig and Massimo Cigana)
  • 2008: Chrissie Wellington – WIN – REPORT
  • 2007: Chrissie Wellington – WIN, Stephen Bayliss THIRD – REPORT
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