Cozumel shows that Sub7 is ‘definitely possible – Blummenfelt

Kristian Blummenfelt has added belief now that Sub7 next year is a very real possibility after his blistering display in Cozumel.


After conquering one frontier, Kristian Blummenfelt is as ever already thinking about then next one – namely that Sub7 bid next year.

The Norwegian will join Alistair Brownlee in trying to go under the seven-hour mark for the Ironman distance. He will do so with extra belief on the back of last Sunday’s events at IRONMAN Cozumel.

The 27-year-old Olympic champion made a pretty impressive debut at the full distance in Mexico, setting the fastest ever Ironman time (7:21:12), albeit with a lightning-quick swim aided by the strong current.

Blummenfelt on Cozumel

Afterwards he said, “That was my first Ironman done and dusted! It was a great experience. I was hoping for a day like this: good conditions on the swim and surprisingly good conditions on the bike as well.

“The whole back side of the island had a rough headwind all week leading into the race, but it eased off and I had a smooth tailwind there as well. Really surprised with my bike leg.”

Blummenfelt said he pushed as hard as he could on the run – at least in the early stages – to try to find his limits. Evidently he is still searching for them.

“I went out there on the run trying to see how hard I could go from early on without fading.

“After 18k I really started feeling the fatigue and I had to use the next six or seven kilometres to fall back a little bit, to make sure I didn’t blow up completely. I think I was able to finish the last lap quite strongly even with my legs knackered.”

Now for Sub7

Now Blummenfelt believes going under 7 hours next summer (date and venue still to be announced) is a very real possibility.

“It was a very good debut and it definitely gives us a lot of confidence going toward the Sub7.

“Cutting another 22 minutes by having pacers, optimising the course, the tarmac, and also having another seven months of preparation this shows the Sub7 definitely is possible.”

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