WATCH: Mark Allen meets Macca on ‘The Road To St George’

I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my ‘Road to St George’ – a 16-week journey interviewing some of the biggest names in triathlon.

I’m eternally grateful to the host of stars we’ve had on the show, both for the time they’ve so generously given and the fascinating insight they have provided.

Dripping with insight

This week I got to sit down with Chris McCormack – that Australian ball of endurance sport energy who never fails to amaze me. An incredible athlete who has continued to be an important conduit for swim/bike/run long after his retirement.

I always love the chance to talk triathlon with Chris – he has such a positive mindset about the future of the sport, and more importantly a burning desire to drive it forward.

He is of course a very important part of Super League Triathlon and also Sub7Sub8, and he has a wealth of knowledge and insight about the elite landscape right now.

We started off by talking about the IRONMAN World Championship in St George on May 7 but ended up covering a number of big topics:

  • That move from Kona to St George
  • The Norwegian ‘Hype Train’
  • The return of Alistair Brownlee
  • That St George course (epic blowups ahead)
  • The rise of Kat Matthews
  • St George picks to win
  • How do we make Ironman greater?
  • Using media to grow the sport
  • The power of storytelling
  • Harnessing that star power
  • Excited by the new generation
  • Your network is your net worth
  • Advice for Frodeno and Ryf
  • Applying athletic fundamentals to business

We even managed to mix in a little ‘Rocky IV’ reference…

Enjoy the conversation…

I enjoyed the conversation hugely, and I hope you all enjoy it too. You can watch it all by clicking on the video embed right here.

YouTube video

Next week I’ll be in St George when the anticipation really does hit fever pitch.

The ‘Road to St George’ hits its final stop, and the wait will finally be over.

Written by
Mark Allen
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