SLT Mallorca Day One: Henri Schoeman takes Triple Mix victory

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A great day for Henri Schoeman at Super League Mallorca

Jonathan Brownlee on the Triple Mix podium

Series leader Vincent Luis recovered from a mechanical issue on Day One at Super League Triathlon Mallorca – but the day belonged to Henri Schoeman who took control from the very first swim of the day.



Super League Mallorca, Saturday 3rd November 2018
Day One – Triple Mix

Race One – Swim / Bike / Run
300m / 4km / 2km

Wearing the blue jersey as swim leader, South Africa’s Henri Schoeman used his aquatic skills to lead the swim (and the bike), and in so doing take the short chute advantage twice – making him uncatchable on the run. Impressive and aggressive racing from the Olympic Bronze medallist.

Jonathan Brownlee lead the next group onto the run 10 seconds down, along with Tommy Zaferes (USA), Hayden Wilde (NZL) and Ben Kanute (USA). Despite being second out of the swim, series leader Vincent Luis (FRA) lost time on the bike with a dropped chain, reaching T2 18 seconds back and ending Race One 27 seconds back in sixth. A great start for Schoeman, work to do for Luis to recover from his early misfortune. However, it is positions at the end of Stage Three which determine the Triple Mix points.

1st – Henri Schoeman (RSA) – 18:03
2nd – Hayden Wilde (NZL) – 18:16
3rd – Jonathan Brownlee (GBR) – 18:16
4th – Ben Kanute (USA) – 18:28
5th – Leo Bergere (FRA) – 18:28
6th – Vincent Luis (FRA) – 18:30
7th – Richard Murray (RSA) – 18:36

(Four athletes eliminated from starting in Race Two).

Race Two – Run / Bike / Swim

2km / 4km / 300m

Race Two starts with the run, and having lost time already, Vincent Luis was very aggressive in the final 100 metres to ensure that he gained the short chute advantage on the bike, challenged by both Schoeman and Wilde. He achieved that goal… but his advantage soon vanished. Would that sprint come back to bite him on the bike and swim?

As the laps progressed, a leading group formed of Luis, Brownlee, Murray, Wilde, Schoeman, Marten Van Riel, Ben Kanute and Tyler Mislawchuk. Who would reach T2 first and gain the short cut advantage… and would it prove crucial? Once again, Vincent Luis raced hard to earn it. His task now was to hold off Henri Schoeman. And by the first buoy, the blue jersey of the South African was on the feet of the Frenchman with Jonathan Brownlee in good position too, along with Belgium’s Marten Van Riel.

Luis and Schoeman exited the water first, but a few seconds of directional confusion allowed both Van Riel and Brownlee to close up and on the run from the swim exit to the finish line they were able to squeeze past and take the top two places at the line.

1st –Β Marten Van Riel (BEL) – 18:20
2nd –Β Jonathan Brownlee (GBR) – 18:22
3rd –Β Henri Schoeman (RSA) – 18:22
4th –Β Vincent Luis (FRA) – 18:23
5th – Ben Kanute (USA) – 18:35

(14 athletes progressed to the final race, Jonas Schomburg (GER) eliminated)

Race Three – Bike / Run / Swim
(Pursuit Start – 4km / 300m / 2km) – OVERALL TRIPLE MIX RESULTS

Henri Schoeman started the final leg 14 seconds ahead of Jonathan Brownlee, with Vincent Luis / Hayden Wilde next at 28/29 seconds respectively.

Two (of four) laps in on the bike and the Schoeman-Brownlee gap was unchanged, but Luis-Wilde were now only seven seconds behind the Brit, who was riding today on brother Alistair’s bike, his own having not arrived in Mallorca.

Schoeman started the swim 13 seconds ahead of Brownlee with Luis and Wilde now only three seconds back. So strong is Schoeman’s swim lag that he had extended his lead to 28 seconds over Luis and Brownlee. It was all down to the run – surely Gold was there for Henri, but who would take the Silver?

Second to Vincent Luis overall in both Jersey and Malta, for today at least, Henri Schoeman gained victory over series leader Vincent Luis. Luis in turn sprinted clear of Jonathan Brownlee who earned his first SLT podium of the season.

1st – Henri Schoeman (RSA) – 19:07
2nd – Vincent Luis (FRA) – 19:22
3rd – Jonathan Brownlee (GBR) – 19:25
4th – Hayden Wilde (NZL) – 20:00
5th – Marten Van Riel (BEL) – 20:18
6th – Ben Kanute (USA) – 20:36

Only six athletes finished

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