LIVE: Watch the third Z Pro Tri Race Series on Zwift

LIVE (virtual) sport! Check out some of the best triathletes in the world racing each other on Zwift in the third Z Pro Tri Race Series event


LIVE Coverage of the third Zwift Z Pro Triathlete Race Series event

The third event in the new eSports Z Pro Tri Race Series from Zwift takes place today, Wednesday 29th April. You can watch it all here.

The Pro Women will race at 3:07pm UK-time (4:07pm CET), followed by the Pro Men at 3:47pm UK-time.

Who will be racing?

This week each race will feature around 25-30 starters, some of the familiar names racing will include:

Pro Women: Holly Lawrence, Lucy Charles-Barclay, Skye Moench, Meredith Kessler, Sarah Piampiano, Emma Pallant, Sophie Coldwell, Kimberley Morrison, Cassandre Beaugrand, Angela Naeth, Jen Annett.

Pro Men: Alistair Brownlee, Lionel Sanders, Ben Kanute, Matt Hanson, Matt Russell, James Cunnama, Matt Trautman, Tyler Butterfield, Nils Frommhold, Martin Van Riel, Eneko Llanos, Ronnie Schildknecht, Igor Amorelli, Kristian Hogenhaug, Pedro Gomes, Philip Graves.

This week’s course is ‘CRIT CITY’

Crit City is an ‘event only’ route on the Zwift platform, so may not be familiar to riders who have not taken part themselves in designated Zwift races or events that have been allocated on that route.

The races are 14 laps of the 1.2mile circuit.

(Alternative YouTube link should the above not work >>>

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