The 5k Your Way ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Challenge

If you need an incentive to be active in the new year, how about supporting MOVE Charity through the 5k Your Way ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Challenge


The second edition of the 5k Your Way ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Challenge started on Friday.

Supporting MOVE Against Cancer, there are strong triathlon connections here for an excellent charity we know well, having – thanks to you, our readers – raised funds earlier this year for them.

Lucy Gossage

5K Your Way (5KYW) is one of the initiatives of MOVE Charity, and was co-founded by multiple IRONMAN champion and long-time friend of TRI247 and the triathlon community at large, Lucy Gossage.

5KYW is a community initiative that encourages those living with and beyond cancer to meet at designated parkrun events on the last Saturday of every month to help them derive the benefits of exercise whilst socialising in a supportive environment.

Lucy Gossage / 5k Your Way / MOVE Charity / ERDINGER Alkoholfrei

“Exercise is so important in our lives and it offers so many benefits for those living with, and beyond, cancer. The 5KYW groups that meet at parkrun are inspirational and uplifting. Over the last year we have been able to expand the support we offer those living with and after cancer through online workshops and Move Your Way exercise Sessions, the Move Against Cancer podcast and an ever growing collection of educational and inspirational resources from members of our community and cancer and exercise experts.”

MOVE Charity

Move charity organises a series of support mechanisms, including an online cancer rehab programme for children and young people, as well as coordinating 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer support groups at parkruns on the last Saturday of every month. 5KYW is a coffee morning with a difference and welcomes anybody affected by cancer in any way. The groups walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer as they seek the benefits of exercise including reducing cancer related fatigue, improving psychological wellbeing and helping to preserve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. But most importantly, the meet ups are social, fun and supportive.

You can find out more about what MOVE does, thanks to this feature by Helen Murray.

The Challenge

Anyone undertaking all five 5k’s will receive a customised medal to mark the achievement and there will be ERDINGER Alkoholfrei goodies given as spot prizes for participants every week.

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