LIVE: SLT’s eSports Squad race again tonight (Friday) – Brownlee, Blummenfelt, Luis…

Alistair Brownlee and Alex Yee are just two of the triathletes that will be racing on Zwift this evening in the latest round of the Zwift Classics series


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SLT Cheetahs - want to own a fan team?

LIVE Coverage of the first Zwift Z Pro Triathlete Race Series event

The men of the Super League Triathlon eSports Squad (more on them HERE), will race again today when they take on the best of Zwift racing in the latest Pro/Am Invitational Zwift Classics Series event.

We understand that the SLT squad today will feature Alistair Brownlee, Vincent Luis, Kristian Blummenfelt, Richard Murray and Alex Yee.

Coverage starts, Friday 17th April at 7pm UK-time (8pm CET).

“The men step up for the Richmond Challenge and a fresh race format. Points are the name of the game here, with the team that scores the most crowned the winner. Taking on two laps of the UCI Course, there are two sprints and two KOMs per lap, making a total of eight intermediate scoring opportunities and even more points available for crossing the finish line first. All in all, it’s a recipe for action (and perhaps a handlebar-mounted calculator).”

(Alternative YouTube link should the above not work >>>

Zwift Classics

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