Grab a bargain in the HUUB Virtual Show

With the postponement of the Triathlon Show: London, Derby-based HUUB have some big savings on offer currently in their ‘Virtual Show’ sale


50% (or more) off a wide range of HUUB products

As well has trying to manage our health and save lives in the incredibly difficult times we find ourselves in at the moment, many of us are also being affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19.

The events and sporting world are one of those – it really is an incredibly challenging time right now to be a race organiser or an equipment manufacturer, for example.

For a wetsuit brand, the start of the year will be when their inventory is at its highest (with the upfront investment in those stocks). They need to do that ready for the busiest period of the year when athletes buying new wetsuits tend to do so at the start of the season. The COVID-19 outbreak could hardly have come at a more difficult time – especially when even the return to racing is, as yet, unknown.

Derby-based HUUB are one of the brands that will be in that situation. The cancellation of the Triathlon Show: London took away one of their big early season sales points – and so to replace that, they have currently got large discounts available for online sales through their Virtual Show.

This is NOT an advert – I’ve personally purchased a couple of items from the Casual Range, both at 50% off.

We’ll be bringing you more news of offers, savings and the like from other brands and organisers that we spot over the coming days and weeks. You might well find yourself an unexpected bargain – and you can be sure that the business you purchase from will appreciate your support, custom and cashflow in the current trading environment.

A couple of notable offers:


HUUB Virtual Sale

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