The new Triathlon bike from Wilier: The TURBINE

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In January this year (HERE) we published the news that one of Germany’s uber-bikers, Andreas Dreitz, had signed a long-tern partnership with Italian cycle brand, Wilier Triestina.

Part of that news was that the brand were, “currently completing the development of a new frame for triathlon/time trials which is expected to come out in the spring of 2018.” Well, that bike is here and will be ridden by Andreas this weekend (appropriately for the brand, in Italy). at Challenge Roma.

Here is a first look at the Turbine.Wilier Triestina Turbine

Wilier say that the bike has been designed and built on the four pillars of:

  • aerodynamics
  • braking efficiency
  • wide range of positions
  • ease of transportation

As you can see from the images below, the Turbine represents another Triathlon / TT bike release that is a disc-brake only model.

Wilier Triestina Turbine

Wilier claim that this aids aerodynamics, as removing the need for rim brakes means that the front forks and rear triangle can be positioned further away from the wheels, reducing turbulence.Wilier Triestina TurbineAll four models (two with Dura Ace Di2 9150, two with Ultegra Di2 9150 groupsets), come with shifters on both the extensions and brake levers, to allow for swift changes in either the aero position or from the base bars.Wilier Triestina Turbine

The Turbine features truncated NACA aerodynamic tube profiles, similar to those we have seen on other ‘super bikes’ on the market.

Wilier Triestina Turbine

It wouldn’t be a bike release without images from a wind tunnel…

Wilier Triestina Turbine

In the image below, you can see – in common with many other brands on the market – the addition of a (removable) front, aerodynamic drinking system.

Wilier Triestina Turbine

That bottle is made by Profile Design.

Wilier Triestina Turbine

Here is the head tube of the bike without the aero bottle in place.

Wilier Triestina Turbine

Tri bar adjustability includes being able to tilt the extensions up to 15°

Willier Turbine

To aid travel and bike packing, the monocoque handlebars can be removed – in less than a minute, without removing any cables – which should be a big help if you fly with your bike often.

Wilier Turbine

And the price?

Well, no details on UK pricing or availability just yet, but EUR pricing starts from 7,700, the four models being:

  • EUR 11,000 – with Dura-Ace Di2 9150 and Mavic Comete Pro Carbon UST Disc wheelset
  • EUR 9,200 – with Dura-Ace Di2 9150 and Mavic Cosmic Elite Disc wheelset
  • EUR 9,500 – with Ultegra Di2 9150 and Mavic Comete Pro Carbon UST Disc wheelset
  • EUR 7,700 – with Ultegra Di2 9150 and Mavic Cosmic Elite Disc wheelset



Sizing and Geometry

With just three frame size options, you’ll need to make sure that the adjustability of the handlebars (and the two seat post options), will combine to meet your own positioning requirements.

Here’s a comparison of the Stack and Reach numbers to one of the most popular bikes in transitions areas, the Cervelo P3, to give an indication of the relative sizing of the frames against one of the industry standards:

Bike / SizeStackReachBike / SizeStackReach
Turbine (XS/S)487mm397mmP3 (48)485mm381mm
Turbine (M)521mm418mmP3 (54)522mm411mm
Turbine (L/XL)555mm439mmP3 (58)559mm437mm

Wilier Turbine

Will the Turbine win, first time out this weekend at Challenge Roma?

Wilier Turbine
Andreas Dreitz with his custom painted ‘cromovelato’ finished Wilier Triestina Turbine
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John Levison
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