How to watch the 2019 IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship

How can I watch the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship? What times does it start and who is racing? If I'm watching in the UK, what's the time difference? Your one-stop shop for everything you need to know is HERE!

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One-stop guide to watching the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship

With all of the UK-timings you need to know what’s happening, where and when

#GBKona 2019 / Zwift / IRONMAN World Championship / Hawaii 2019

KEY FACTS (The quick version…)

DATE: Saturday 12th October 2019
START TIME (PRO MEN): 6:25 a.m. (local time) / 5:25 p.m. (UK time – Saturday evening)
WATCH: Facebook Watch via
CHAT: TRI247 Twitter via

IRONMAN World Championship 2019

THE DETAILS (Everything you need to know…)

The 2019 IRONMAN World Championship, as in previous years, will be available – free of charge – to follow via live video, text and online timing/tracker updates.

We have compiled here – with DETAILED UK TIMINGS to make it easy for many of our readers – an extended and comprehensive schedule of key race events to provide approximate times of some of the notable moments during the coverage. You can now plan your viewing around important things like dinner or a few pints at the local… but still know what time to get back to see the marathon start!

*** These times have been fully updated ahead of the 2019 race ***

The 2018 races (MEN | WOMEN) saw all-time course records courtesy of fine racing in very favourable conditions. In addition to that, comprehensive changes have been made to the start times for both Pro and Age-Group athletes, to help reduce athlete density on the bike course.

All of that has been factored into our detailed and revised schedule of events below.


Live (internet-based) TV coverage of the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship for global viewers will be available on Facebook Watch via

Race day live coverage is due to begin from around 6:10 a.m. local time (5:10 p.m. UK time) –  on Saturday 13th October, in the lead up to the start of the Pro races at 6:25 a.m. local time (5:25 p.m. UK time).

In addition, a ‘live body marking show” will also be broadcast from approx. 4:25 a.m. to 5:40 a.m. local time (3:25 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. UK time), again building up towards the start of the race with some pre-race chat with some of the Pro athletes.


Depending on your equipment, you can watch the IRONMAN ‘Facebook’ broadcasts directly on your TV – potentially without the need for a computer / tablet.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV for example and a good internet connection, then you can download the Facebook Watch TV App and watch in full widescreen. I’ve used this many times and, for the vast majority of the time, it has worked fantastically. Streaming devices such as Apple TV of Chromecast will also work well in this regard.

For more details on compatible devices and TVs and/or how to stream, then THIS ARTICLE is a great place to start to understand what to do.

FACEBOOK VIDEO LINKS (There are several…)

Yes, one (slightly…) frustrating part of the Facebook streaming process, is that because of restrictions on live video length, you will have switch video streams during the race. This applies whether you are watching on your computer / laptop / tablet through the Facebook page, or directly on your TV through Facebook Watch.

Here are those links:


The best way to keep up to date with tracking athletes – Professional and Age-Group – is by downloading the (free) IRONMAN Tracker app. The app provides timing information, leaderboards and allows you to set notifications for athletes you want to follow, which will update as they pass through what is likely to be approximately 30 timing points on the course. It really does work a treat.

If you don’t have it already, you can download in via the iTunes App Store or via Google Play.

IRONMAN Tracker - IRONMAN World Championship


We can help you with that too. For ease of finding details and race numbers on the Pro athletes, plus all of the Great Britain and Ireland Age-Group entrants, we’ve got all that summarised for you already:

IRONMAN World Championship Kona 2018 Facebook group


Your monthly dose of endurance sports geekery - from gear reviews to hot tips & takes.


(UK time = 11 hours ‘ahead’ of Kona)

Pro Men Swim Start5.25pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Pro Women Swim Start5.30pmSaturday 12th (evening)
PC OPEN / HC Swim Start5.35pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Men reach swim turn (halfway)5.49pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Woman reaches swim turn (halfway)5.54pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Male Age-Group 18-39 Swim Start5.55pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Male Age-Group 40-44 Swim Start6.00pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Male Age-Group 45-49 Swim Start6.05pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Male Age-Group 50+ Swim Start6.10pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Swim Finishers (Pro Men)6.12pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Men Start Bike6.14pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Female Age-Group 18-39 Swim Start6.15pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Swim Finisher (Pro Women)6.18pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Women Start Bike6.20pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Female Age-Group 40-54 Swim Start6.20pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Female Age-Group 55+ Swim Start6.25pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Kukui Wave (Legacy / Wild Card) Swim Start6.30pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Swim Finisher (Male Age Group) - from 18-39 wave6.47pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Swim Finisher (Female Age Group) -from 18-39 wave7.11pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Men at Hawi (Bike turn, circa 59 miles)8.32pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Swim Cutoff (Last Age Grouper - Kukui wave)8.50pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Women at Hawi (Bike turn, circa 59 miles)8:52pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Men Finish Bike10.27pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Men Start Run10.29pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Frist Pro Men run turnaround Ali'I Drive (3.6 miles)10:53pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Women Finish Bike10:57pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Women Start Run10.59pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Men at bottom of 'Pay & Save Hill' (Palani Road) - 7.1 miles11.17pmSaturday 12th (evening)
Frist Pro Women run turnaround Ali'I Drive (3.6 miles)11.23pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Women at bottom of 'Pay & Save Hill' (Palani Road) - 7.1 miles11.46pmSaturday 12th (evening)
First Pro Man enters Energy Lab on Run - 13.8 miles12.01amSunday 13th (morning)
First Pro Man exits Energy Lab on Run - 18.6 miles12.31amSunday 13th (morning)
First Pro Woman enters Energy Lab on Run - 13.8 miles12.32amSunday 13th (morning)
First Pro Woman exits Energy Lab on Run - 18.6 miles1.04amSunday 13th (morning)
First Male Pro Finisher (for 7:52 course record)1.18amSunday 13th (morning)
First Female Pro Finisher (for 8:26 course record)1.56amSunday 13th (morning)
First Male Age Group Finisher2.20amSunday 13th (morning)
First Female Age Group Finisher3.40amSunday 13th (morning)
Bike Cutoff (10:30 after final Age-Group start time)5.00amSunday 13th (morning)
Race Finishes (17:00 after final Age-Group start time)11.30amSunday 13th (morning)


If you are a Twitter user, then please do follow us via @tri247 for updates, chat and commentary. Join in the fun and let us know how you think the race is going!

If you are following / commenting on the progress of the GB & Ireland athletes, then please add hashtag #GBKONA.


Here are some further links which may prove useful.

Race website: / Race pack: HERE.

#GBKona 2019 / Zwift / IRONMAN World Championship / Hawaii 2019

John Levison
Written by
John Levison
TRI247's Chief Correspondent, John has been involved in triathlon for well over 30 years, 15 of those writing on these pages, whilst he can also be found commentating for events across the UK.
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