#GBKona 2019 Start List: British & Irish Age-Group Men

Who are the British and Irish Age-Group athletes racing at the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship? In this #GBKona piece we feature the Age-Group MEN who will be racing in Hawaii

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Who’s racing at the IRONMAN World Championship on Saturday?

Having collated the equivalent information for the women (HERE), we now take a look at the 120+ UK and Ireland Age-Group MEN who will be racing at the IRONMAN World Championship on Saturday.

The amateur men’s field will be starting ** their race at 6:55 a.m. (local time) / 5:55 p.m. (UK time) on Saturday.

(** For 2019, the Age-Group waves starts have been changed from what was previously one mass start per gender).

#GBKona 2019 / Zwift / IRONMAN World Championship / Hawaii 2019

A few names to look out for…

Pictured in the header image is Brian Fogarty (35-39), the overall winner at IRONMAN UK this year, who was also the fastest amateur at IRONMAN Lanzarote this year as well. A powerhouse on the bike, he’ll be looking to make significant moves on the field after getting the opening 2.4 mile swim out of the way, his weakest discipline.

Neil Eddy (30-34) set the second fastest GB Age-Group time ever in Kona last year, when finishing 8th in his category. Since then he’s won the ITU Long Distance Triathlon Championships (where he was fastest across all AG’s) and matched that at IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain with a PB of 8:39:49. He’ll have sights on a top-5 finish in Hawaii and an Umeke award.

Neil Eddy
Neil Eddy

One man who has already made the stage at Sunday night’s awards is Martin Gannon (60-64). Martin took fourth last year to earn one of the coveted trophies, which go to the top-five finishers in each Age-Group.

Martin Gannon (4th M60-64) - IRONMAN World Championship

Going one better than Martin with two ‘fruit bowls’ is Paul Lunn (45-49). Fifth in 2017 and third in 2018, this year Paul has the backing of the Specialized Zwift Academy Triathlon Team – will he be able to continue with his podium success in Hawaii and, perhaps, move up even further?

Back for a second attempt in Hawaii after a strong debut two years ago is Lewis Eccleston (25-29). Lewis took second place at IRONMAN Lanzarote this year – and recently won the Sundowner Middle Distance Triathlon – ahead of another Kona athlete, John Thelwell (30-34)

Lewis Eccleston
Lewis Eccleston

Making his Kona debut is John Borton (30-34), who we heard from earlier this year after his great run at the Boston Marathon. That proved to be great start to his triathlon season, as he went on to finish fourth in a rapid time of 8:46:41 at IRONMAN Copenhagen.

John Borton / Boston Marathon 2019
John Borton

*** NOTE *** The athlete information below was extracted from the official race start-lists (HERE), based on data as at 23rd September 2019. Therefore, if there are any errors then that is probably the source! However, we would like to ensure we have the correct information, so if you do spot any mistakes then please do get in touch with us via and we will get it fixed for you.

Plenty of other talented athletes who will be challenging for the the podium on the full list below – good luck to you all.


UK and Ireland Age-Group MEN 2019

2379Finn ArentzM18-24GBR
2408George PattersonM18-24GBR
429Donal McgoldrickM25-29IRL
2242Jocelyn CheliM25-29GBR
2243Matt ChippingM25-29GBR
2249Lewis EcclestonM25-29GBR
2261Ross HarperM25-29GBR
2269Thomas KebbellM25-29GBR
2296Christopher PocockM25-29GBR
2308William Shenton-BrownM25-29GBR
2318Aaron TomaszM25-29GBR
418Graham HillM30-34GBR
2025John BortonM30-34GBR
2030Duncan ChedburnM30-34GBR
2035Neil EddyM30-34GBR
2040Joe FellowsM30-34GBR
2086Charles LeggetM30-34GBR
2094Mark MatthewsM30-34GBR
2112Chris PalfreymanM30-34GBR
2123Tom RigbyM30-34GBR
2143Matthew SmithM30-34GBR
2146Sion StansfieldM30-34GBR
2152John ThelwellM30-34GBR
383David AllenM35-39GBR
1758David BartlettM35-39GBR
1772Grant Carter-MooreM35-39GBR
1780Chris CopeM35-39GBR
1785James T. CurranM35-39IRL
1799Thomas ElliottM35-39GBR
1803Guy EvansM35-39GBR
1808Brian William FogartyM35-39GBR
1820Craig HartleyM35-39GBR
1821Haukur HeimissonM35-39GBR
1831Emmet KellyM35-39IRL
1841Matt LawrenceM35-39GBR
1847John LenehanM35-39IRL
1863Daniel McparlandM35-39GBR
1877James O'SullivanM35-39GBR
1885Chris PikeM35-39GBR
1891Nathan RisbeyM35-39GBR
1906Edwin SuttonM35-39IRL
1913Michael TaylorM35-39GBR
1918Sam ThompsonM35-39GBR
1934Jason WilliamsM35-39GBR
360Steven MiddletonM40-44GBR
1458Jason CorbettM40-44IRL
1480Philip EllisonM40-44GBR
1483Kevin FennessyM40-44IRL
1510Bruce GreenhalghM40-44GBR
1520Eddie HirstM40-44GBR
1554John LittlewoodM40-44GBR
1567Mathew MatontiM40-44GBR
1577William John NewberyM40-44GBR
1585Stephen PalmerM40-44GBR
1588John ParrM40-44GBR
1620Oliver SimonM40-44GBR
1627Graeme StewartM40-44GBR
1636Alex TaylorM40-44GBR
267Stephen DermodyM45-49IRL
311Adrian TanM45-49GBR
318Iain YoungM45-49GBR
1096Richard AllenM45-49GBR
1098Stuart AndersonM45-49GBR
1102Mark ArndtM45-49GBR
1125Nick BussM45-49GBR
1134Damien CosgroveM45-49IRL
1169Andy GilesM45-49GBR
1171Martin GoodladM45-49GBR
1172Tony GoodyearM45-49GBR
1190Daragh HendleyM45-49IRL
1206Mark JulierM45-49GBR
1221Roman LackoM45-49GBR
1225Paul LewisM45-49GBR
1231Paul LunnM45-49GBR
1235Owen MartinM45-49IRL
1241Jamie Mcintyre-BrownM45-49GBR
1242Julian MiddlewickM45-49GBR
1259Mark PattersonM45-49GBR
1261Carlo PaulM45-49GBR
1275Con RingM45-49IRL
1283Paul RutherfordM45-49IRL
1296Carl ShawcrossM45-49GBR
1320Karl WattsM45-49GBR
1322Scott WhittlestoneM45-49GBR
1328John WoodsM45-49IRL
184Richard CollinsM50-54GBR
197Jon Ellis-SmithM50-54GBR
199Jeremy FurnissM50-54GBR
213Jeremy NockM50-54GBR
230Paul TuckM50-54GBR
854Charles AshwandenM50-54GBR
880David ClementsM50-54GBR
901Adrian GarveyM50-54IRL
909Mark GrayM50-54GBR
920Steve HobsonM50-54GBR
923Martin HowieM50-54GBR
942Andrew LeyM50-54GBR
961Salim MohamedM50-54GBR
992Mark RushbyM50-54IRL
1010Aubone TennantM50-54GBR
1011Paul ThomasM50-54GBR
1030Allan YoupM50-54GBR
149Andy HarriesM55-59GBR
156Richard ParnellM55-59GBR
712John FrenchM55-59GBR
716James GrahamM55-59GBR
721Barry HarrissM55-59GBR
722Terry HarveyM55-59GBR
735David LabouchereM55-59GBR
746Mike MorrisM55-59GBR
751Peter OpenshawM55-59GBR
586George BurnsM60-64GBR
587Charlie CollinsM60-64GBR
589Evan DaviesM60-64GBR
590Richard Thomas DunbabinM60-64GBR
591Nick FarnellM60-64GBR
595Martin GannonM60-64GBR
603Nicholas KinseyM60-64GBR
509Mike AnthonyM65-69GBR
548Gerard TurbittM65-69IRL
102Barry ShortM70-74GBR
470David BorrellM70-74GBR
479John HeaneyM70-74GBR
486Bob MartinM70-74GBR

PRO Start-Lists: MEN | WOMEN

GB and Ireland Age-Group Start-Lists: MEN | WOMEN

#GBKona 2019 / Zwift / IRONMAN World Championship / Hawaii 2019

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