Kate Allan – breaking records…

What a season the triathlete-turned-time trial specialist, Kate Allen, is having. Another impressive performance today from the speedy Super Mum…


Kate Allan rides 1:45:36 (28.41mph) for 50 miles

Team Drag2Zero smash Women’s Team Competition Record

She just keeps getting better. Kate Allan had another great day today, riding the fast E2/50C course in Cambridgeshire. A course might be considered ‘fast’… but you still have to perform. Well, she’s done that. And then some.

A massive new personal best – 1:45:36 – might well be (with full credit to the Time Trialling Forum statistics¬†for that reference), the second fastest women’s ’50’, second only to the 1:42:20 of Hayley Simmonds (on the same course, in the same event, 12 months ago).

Ever ridden a 21:07 ’10’? (No, me neither!). Well, Kate effectively did five of those back-to-back today. I’d say that’s rather impressive from a Super Mum ex-triathlete!

Kate also lead her Drag2Zero team to a new Women’s Team Competition Record (3 riders) of 5:21:38. I don’t have the previous record stats to hand, but, I suspect, that figure has smashed the previous record by a considerable margin.

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