Super League Triathlon Jersey: Elite Women preview

Five British women will line up at Super League Triathlon Jersey this coming weekend. These are the events and the course they will face…


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Female athletes debut this weekend at Super League Triathlon Jersey

Announced in July, this coming weekend it is race time for Super League Triathlon Jersey. The first event in Hamilton Island, Australia, gained lots of plaudits – with the one exception of the ‘missing’ women. As promised (from before the first event), it is the same format and prize money for both genders this weekend.

“Our race on Hamilton Island earlier this year was an exhibition of what was to come. Super League Jersey is formally the first event of the Super League Triathlon season and we are proud to have the world’s best athletes male and female on our starting line,” says executive chairman and co-founder Chris McCormack.

Who is racing this weekend?

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Five British female athletes will race this weekend – Jodie StimpsonNon StanfordEmma PallantLucy Hall and Sophie Coldwell.

Olympic Silver medallist, Nicola Spirig (SUI), ITU Grand Final Silver medallist Katie Zaferes (USA), Charlotte McShane (AUS) and Rachel Klamer (NED) are among the favourites they will be racing against of the multiple editions of the 300m swim / 5.5km bike / 2km run course.

Alas, no Flora Duffy (BER) or Ashleigh Gentle (AUS), the top two ranked athletes of the 2017 World Triathlon Series.

The course?

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The formats?

Day one of racing will comprise the Triple Mix – three triathlon events, in different formats, with a short break in between: swim-bike-run / run-bike-swim / bike-swim-run.

With both the second and third legs involving swimming after cycling, there should be a few new sensations for the athletes on Saturday… and not always pleasant ones!

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Day two (Sunday) will comprise the Eliminator.

Three triathlons, starting exactly ten minutes after the winner crosses the line in the previous race – but if you don’t make the top-15 in the first one, you are eliminated. Miss the top-10 in the second, you are eliminated. The winner of the final race is the Eliminator Champion.

“The question posed to these athletes is: will they want to expend effort to get to the front and take advantage of a longer rest, or will they just avoid elimination in Stage 1 and 2, conserving the energy to power through to the Stage 3 win?” says McCormack.

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Timings and Viewing

Saturday – Women race at 4 p.m
Sunday – Women race at 1 p.m.

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