Beginner Sprint Duathlon Training Plan – 8 Weeks

If you’re looking for duathlon training plans it’s likely that you already know the basics about this great event. But just in case, let us bring you fully up to speed. Like the name suggests the duathlon consists of two disciplines; running and cycling and usually in the run-bike-run format. The duathlon is a great option for anyone looking for a multi-discipline, endurance sport that might not be keen on swimming or open water.

As with triathlons, there’s no set distance but if you’re looking at duathlon events near you it’s likely you’ll find Sprint, Standard, Middle and Long distances available. No matter which distance you choose, if this is your first time trying duathlon you’ll need a duathlon training plan.

Do I Need a Beginner Sprint Duathlon Training Plan?

Whether you are an experienced runner or cyclist, or if you have no experience of either sport a duathlon will pose challenges. No swimming will appeal to many but transitioning from run to bike and back requires practice. So before you jump into a new discipline feet first, invest in the right beginner duathlon training plan.

Beginner Sprint Duathlon Training Plan – 8 Weeks

An 8-week sprint duathlon training plan that takes you through to race day suitable for beginners duathletes who are:

  • New to duathlon / multi-sport and looking to complete your first event
  • Can do 3 to 5 hours training per week
  • Able to Bike 45 minutes, Run 30 minutes

Also suitable for people training for a Super Sprint Duathlon or looking at 6 or 12 weeks plans, as you can miss the few two weeks or repeat the last 4 weeks.

Duathlon workout plans can be found everywhere online but you should always make sure you’re getting them from a reputable source. That’s one of the reasons that we’ve partnered with Brownlee Fitness, to ensure that beginners and athletes alike have access to premium duathlon training guides they can trust.

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