IRONMAN Italy: Reece Barclay arrives

How important was Saturday’s fifth place finish at IRONMAN Italy to Great Britain’s Reece Barclay? “I’m not sure I would still be racing professionally had I not got a result”, was what he told me, about a performance which has been an important confidence-booster to his future career…

Gallery: The debut of IRONMAN Italy Emilia-Romagna

Check out the debut of IRONMAN Italy

On a weekend which saw a couple of brand new, full distance events debut in Europe, Saturday saw the first edition of IRONMAN Italy Emilia Romagna.

Won by Great Britain’s Lucy Gossage (full report HERE), the event has had plenty of positive feedback over the weekend. Located in the heart of some very popular cycling country on the the Emilia-Romagna cost in Cervia, close to Cesanatico, the race provides very easy access from across Europe.

Check out the image gallery above to get see more of the race, courtesy of Getty Images for IRONMAN.