Chartier suspended from PTO as athlete-owned body details testing procedures

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Collin Chartier has been “immediately suspended” from the Professional Triathletes Organisation membership pending the outcome of their own investigation into his Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV).

The athlete-owned body have just released a second, more detailed statement in response to Monday’s news that Chartier had been suspended for three years by the International Testing Agency (ITA) after testing positive for EPO in an out-of-competition doping test on 10 February 2023.

The biggest win of Chartier’s career came at the lucrative PTO US Open in Dallas last September when he claimed a shock success against a stacked field, earning him $100,000.

In a post on Instagram, Chartier detailed what made him resort to the use of a performance enhancing drug, sharing he started using it “in November”. He added that he has no plans to ever return to professional racing and takes full responsibility for his actions. His early admission of guilt is the reason for a three-year, rather than the typical four-year, period of ineligibility.

Chartier was tested ahead of PTO US Open

Collin Chartier PTO US Open 2022
Chartier won the US Open in Dallas last September [Photo credit: PTO]

The PTO’s initial response spoke about a “zero tolerance” approach for doping in sport but said they were seeking legal and expert advice “on the specifics of Chartier’s ADRV”.

And the follow-up statement reads: “The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has initiated its own investigation into his activities and compliance with the various PTO rules and regulations. Whilst this happens, Chartier has been immediately suspended from the PTO membership pending the outcome of the investigation.

“We can confirm that Collin was tested in the week before the PTO US Open on Sunday 19 September, 2022, using a Dry Blood Spot (DBS) – as is usual at all PTO Tour races – and then did a urine test after the race. Both samples were analysed for prohibited substances, including EPO, and were found to be negative.

“As a result of Chartier’s immediate suspension from the PTO, his name will be removed from the current PTO World Rankings and the ongoing investigation will seek to establish what other sanctions may be required.

“As we commented earlier this week, we were deeply disappointed to hear the news and strongly reiterate that protecting the integrity of our great sport is absolutely paramount to the purpose of the PTO and our members – as we have seen from many of their videos and social posts over the last few days. It was why the PTO Athlete Board made the decision for all athletes to be tested at each of our PTO races going back to the PTO 2020 Championship.”

More detail on the PTO Anti-Doping Programme

The PTO also set out in detail their Anti-Doping Programme, explaining: “Since late 2020, the PTO has worked closely with respected, independent Anti-Doping consultant Michele Verroken and her company, Sporting Integrity, to set up, deliver and then oversee the PTO’s Anti-Doping Programme.

“All athletes who competed in the 2022 PTO Tour races [excluding Dry Blood Spot testing at the 2022 PTO Canadian Open in Edmonton due to country restrictions] were tested prior to the event.

“In addition to this, at least 10 men and 10 women were selected to provide urine samples post race which are then tested in accordance with the WADA Prohibited Substances List, including additional sports-specific analysis for ESAs and/or growth hormones. For races on the 2023 PTO Tour this will be the same again, including in Ibiza at next week’s PTO European Open.

“To ensure collaboration and transparency with its Anti-Doping Programme, the PTO works closely with World Triathlon and its relationship with relevant bodies such as the ITA and WADA.”

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