No ‘Southern’ Outlaw Half in 2018

OSB Events Outlaw Half Southern

OSB Events confirm ‘Southern’ Outlaw Half event will NOT happen in 2018

Despite the best of efforts, organisers OSB Events ( have confirmed that the planned for third Outlaw Half, provisionally scheduled for September 2018 in the ‘South’ will not be up and running this year.

In today’s news piece, OSB have said:

Organising a new event presents a raft of challenges, and we are very particular about what we are happy to go out and present to an audience that has come to expect very high standards from us. We have always aimed to put on events that we would want to take part in ourselves, and unfortunately, in this case, we have simply run out of time to get this event ready for competitors – despite a whole lot of effort!

It’s not the end of the expansion of the Outlaw brand, so look out for news later this year of a 2019 confirmed date.

The original Outlaw Half (Nottingham) taking place on 20th May is completely sold out, but entries are still available for the third edition of the fantastic Outlaw Half Holkam taking place on Sunday 1st July. Full details HERE.