Kona Start List 2022: British and Irish Age-Group women at the IM WC

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It’s not just the Pro athletes who have been waiting three years for October’s IRONMAN World Championship event. For many long distance amateur athletes, the World Champs in Kona is the dream.

This year will have by far the biggest entry ever, with the racing now held over two days, in part to allow for a catch-up on all of the athletes who have Kona-qualified, but not been able to take up their place on the pier, as a result of the global pandemic.

All of the women, Pro and Age-Group, will race on Thursday 6 October 2022. We’ve already published the full Pro start lists elsewhere (WOMEN | MEN).

While the digital medium allows us to have global view on the sport, we also enjoy following the progress of athletes closer to our physical location. With that in mind – as we have for many years now in Kona – here are the full listings of all of the British and Irish Age-Group WOMEN set to race in Hawaii

(You can find the Age-Group Men on this link).

A few names to note

Linda Ashmore (W75-79) is GB’s oldest female entrant, but quite a remarkable athlete. She won in Hawaii five years ago, but that’s just a small element of her abilities. She’s also the oldest women to swim the English Channel, an age-group winner at the London Marathon, ultra-runner, sprint distance triathlon world champion and breast cancer survivor.

Linda Ashmore - GB IRONMAN World Championship

Barbara Holmes (W60-64) has won multiple world championship medals at Sprint, Standard, Long, Aquathlon and 70.3 level. Qualifying by winning her first IRONMAN earlier this year in Mallorca, can she add another distance to an already impressive medal collection?

Barbara Holmes
Barbara Holmes

Emily Freeman (W30-34) was on the podium and collected a coveted Umeke award three years ago, when she finished fifth in the 25-29 category. This time she will have the backing of the Zwift Academy Tri Team to see if she can do even better.

Emily Freeman / IRONMAN World Championship 2019 / GB Kona 2019
Emily Freeman

Best wishes to everyone racing from all at TRI247!

*** NOTE *** The athlete information below was extracted from the official race start lists, based on data as at September 7, 2022. Therefore, if there are any errors then that is probably the source!

However, we would like to ensure we have the correct information, so if you do spot any mistakes then please do get in touch with us via editor@tri247.com and we will amend.

UK & Ireland AG Women Kona 2022

1369Tess HughesW18-24GBR
1375Eleanor ReynoldsW18-24GBR
1386Jasmine HolmesW18-24GBR
1392Kloe GibsonW18-24GBR
1393Jessica Parker-EdwardsW18-24GBR
1400Elizabeth StewartW18-24GBR
1273Ella PearceW25-29GBR
1278Jess BelcherW25-29GBR
1289Emily BlewW25-29GBR
1298Daisy HuxtableW25-29GBR
1299Stephanie ClutterbuckW25-29GBR
1306Beth FitzpatrickW25-29GBR
1313Jessie SwiftW25-29GBR
1314Lauren MinnicanW25-29GBR
1315Laura AddieW25-29GBR
1320Rebecca DuxburyW25-29GBR
1321Natalie GreenW25-29GBR
1325Anna LawsonW25-29GBR
1335Emily WheelhouseW25-29GBR
1351Sally EmersonW25-29GBR
1352Laetitia CorbettW25-29GBR
1163Rachel EdwardsW30-34GBR
1179Jayne EdwardsW30-34GBR
1181Alice FosterW30-34GBR
1183Lizi BrookeW30-34GBR
1196Sally WoodW30-34GBR
1200Helen PerryW30-34GBR
1206Emily FreemanW30-34GBR
1211Lynn HarveyW30-34GBR
1218Anna HarrisonW30-34GBR
1237Brianna StubbsW30-34GBR
1239Sarah PoskittW30-34GBR
1245Laura MiloneW30-34GBR
1246Grace GilbertW30-34GBR
1247Camilla LyttleW30-34GBR
1250Jo WrightW30-34GBR
1253Ellie GarrettW30-34GBR
1154Rachel BreslinW30-34IRL
1012Emma CookeW35-39GBR
1032Davina GreenwellW35-39GBR
1050Michelle ReevesW35-39GBR
1075Tanya VengrinovaW35-39GBR
1101Kate LahartW35-39IRL
767Lynsey CarpenterW40-44GBR
821Lorna HopkinW40-44GBR
843Kerry HicksonW40-44GBR
851Claire FudgeW40-44GBR
861Claire EckertW40-44GBR
882Rebecca Kirvan-RodgersW40-44GBR
890Vera EfimovaW40-44GBR
894Michelle BatchelorW40-44GBR
907Melanie WalkerW40-44GBR
924Caroline DuncanW40-44GBR
948Zoe SmithW40-44GBR
965Laura CarolanW40-44GBR
802Eithne McgormanW40-44IRL
931Rebecca CoughlanW40-44IRL
576Jane CounsellW45-49GBR
588Frances RecchiaW45-49GBR
589Emma EdworthyW45-49GBR
606Linda BlakelyW45-49GBR
618Louise GloyneW45-49GBR
636Victoria HillW45-49GBR
653Emma BexsonW45-49GBR
684Suzy HawkinsW45-49GBR
705Helen TalbotW45-49GBR
715Mary ThorneloeW45-49GBR
733Lauren DaviesW45-49GBR
744Catherine GlenisterW45-49GBR
746Jenny CloseW45-49GBR
755Adele BakerW45-49GBR
570Paula RobertsW45-49IRL
632Maggie O MahonyW45-49IRL
405Emma-Jane BradfieldW50-54GBR
414Emma YatesW50-54GBR
433Louella O’HerlihyW50-54GBR
434Ruth MurdieW50-54GBR
447Nicola BeckW50-54GBR
463Sophie WhitworthW50-54GBR
487Charlotte CarverW50-54GBR
494Laura McgillW50-54GBR
502Karen DriverW50-54GBR
512Roslyn McgintyW50-54GBR
455Siobhan FormanW50-54IRL
262Lindsay HobbsW55-59GBR
318Debbie VannerW55-59GBR
291Sharon CahillW55-59IRL
176Penny RotherW60-64GBR
195Barbara HolmesW60-64GBR
207Elizabeth GannonW60-64GBR
252Siobhan KennedyW60-64IRL
125Linda AshmoreW75-79GBR
John Levison
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John Levison
TRI247's Chief Correspondent, John has been involved in triathlon for well over 30 years, 15 of those writing on these pages, whilst he can also be found commentating for events across the UK.
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