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Kona Start List 2022: British and Irish Age-Group men racing at IM WC

The full breakdown of the GB and Ireland amateurs racing at the 2022 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona

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It’s not just the Pro athletes who have been waiting three years for this week’s IRONMAN World Championship event. For many long distance amateur athletes, the World Champs in Kona is the dream.

This year will have by far the biggest entry ever, with the racing now held over two days, in part to allow for a catch-up on all of the athletes who have Kona-qualified, but not been able to take up their place on the pier, as a result of the global pandemic.

The Pro and Age-Group women will race on Thursday 6 October 2022. The Pro men will race on Saturday 8 October 2022, while the Age-Group men will be split across both days. We’ve already published the full Pro start lists elsewhere (WOMEN | MEN).

While the digital medium allows us to have global view on the sport, we also enjoy following the progress of athletes closer to our physical location. With that in mind – as we have for many years now in Kona – here are the full listings of all of the British and Irish Age-Group MEN set to race in Hawaii

(You can find the Age-Group Women on this link).


A few names to note

Martin Gannon (M65-69) was a winner in St George earlier this year, and has twice finished on the podium (fourth) at the IRONMAN World Championship. He will be up against Rodolphe Von Berg senior, who beat him at IRONMAN 70.3 Swansea.

We’ve got an in-depth feature all about the Gannons right here.

Martin Gannon / IRONMAN World Championship 2019 / GB Kona 2019
Martin Gannon

Paul Lunn (M50-54) is a Kona regular, having finished fifth (2017) and third (2018). He won his age-group this year at IRONMAN Austria, and recently won the Vitruvian triathlon overall.

Paul Lunn #GBKona IRONMAN World Championship 2017
Paul Lunn

Another name with his eyes on those Umeke trophies will be Neil Eddy (M35-39). Neil is part of the Zwift Academy Tri Team this season, and he finished second in his category in 2019.

Neil Eddy / IRONMAN World Championship / GB Kona 2019
Neil Eddy

Best wishes to everyone racing from all at TRI247!

*** NOTE *** The athlete information below was extracted from the official race start lists, based on data as at September 7, 2022. Therefore, if there are any errors then that is probably the source!

However, we would like to ensure we have the correct information, so if you do spot any mistakes then please do get in touch with us via and we will amend.


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UK & Ireland AG Men Kona 2022

2595Oliver HailesM18-24GBRSaturday
2597Joseph CookM18-24GBRSaturday
2608Alfie McintoshM18-24GBRSaturday
2631Gatsby FitzgeraldM18-24GBRSaturday
2457Sam HolnessM25-29GBRThursday
2472Matthew WoodM25-29GBRThursday
2481George BonnickM25-29GBRThursday
2492Jack SchofieldM25-29GBRThursday
2507Alexander WoodwardM25-29GBRThursday
2515Dominic BirchM25-29GBRThursday
2542Aaron TomaszM25-29GBRThursday
2558Matthew BensteadM25-29GBRThursday
2559Gregory GodleyM25-29GBRThursday
2573Fraser MinnicanM25-29GBRThursday
2583Ryan SneeM25-29GBRThursday
2586Alistair GarfootM25-29GBRThursday
2600Chris HarrisM25-29GBRThursday
2610Dan ElliotM25-29GBRThursday
2612Daniel SmallboneM25-29GBRThursday
2621Charles PunterM25-29GBRThursday
2636Callum StewartM25-29GBRThursday
2637Samuel CusworthM25-29GBRThursday
2212David ColeM30-34GBRSaturday
2226David RoocroftM30-34GBRSaturday
2236Harrison BelfieldM30-34GBRSaturday
2246Mark LamonbyM30-34GBRSaturday
2250Lloyd CanhamM30-34GBRSaturday
2289Oliver MountstephensM30-34GBRSaturday
2293Tom DanterM30-34GBRSaturday
2302Jame HallM30-34GBRSaturday
2320Tom LovegroveM30-34GBRSaturday
2322Matthew BrookeM30-34GBRSaturday
2331Sam ChapmanM30-34GBRSaturday
2346Brett HazelwoodM30-34GBRSaturday
2350Finlay McandrewM30-34GBRSaturday
2358James SmithM30-34GBRSaturday
2383David DevineM30-34GBRSaturday
2386Rory WestonM30-34GBRSaturday
2389Robin WilliamsM30-34GBRSaturday
2394Christopher AshtonM30-34GBRSaturday
2398James AdamsonM30-34GBRSaturday
2419Daniel AndertonM30-34GBRSaturday
2424Tom MarriageM30-34GBRSaturday
2430Rhys PalmerM30-34GBRSaturday
2446William Tyrrell-MooreM30-34GBRSaturday
2450Thomas Joly De LotbiniereM30-34GBRSaturday
2496Oliver StringerM30-34GBRSaturday
2497Grant JohnsonM30-34GBRSaturday
2513Charles LambertM30-34GBRSaturday
2515Aaron WebbM30-34GBRSaturday
2532Andrew KellyM30-34GBRSaturday
2578Lee MccarronM30-34GBRSaturday
2582Luke SullivanM30-34GBRSaturday
2583Oliver HewittM30-34GBRSaturday
2587James EllisM30-34GBRSaturday
2274Anthony EnglishM30-34IRLSaturday
2334Paddy WalshM30-34IRLSaturday
2481Kevin FoleyM30-34IRLSaturday
2485Anthony MasonM30-34IRLSaturday
2525Cillian MoffatM30-34IRLSaturday
1756Simon SmithM35-39GBRSaturday
1758Christopher GrundbergM35-39GBRSaturday
1761Sam ThompsonM35-39GBRSaturday
1771Tom Van RossumM35-39GBRSaturday
1780Daniel LaniganM35-39GBRSaturday
1786James AndersonM35-39GBRSaturday
1801Sion SlymanM35-39GBRSaturday
1810Jonathan CordinerM35-39GBRSaturday
1827Dave CresswellM35-39GBRSaturday
1855Stephen MagrathM35-39GBRSaturday
1884Guy EvansM35-39GBRSaturday
1908Vanrisch McleanM35-39GBRSaturday
1918Andrew WilliamsM35-39GBRSaturday
1934Iain GilbertM35-39GBRSaturday
1949Gary RichardsM35-39GBRSaturday
1951Sean BurkeM35-39GBRSaturday
1984Craig LlewellynM35-39GBRSaturday
1990Mark TomlinsonM35-39GBRSaturday
2021Duncan ChedburnM35-39GBRSaturday
2030Sam ShepherdM35-39GBRSaturday
2045Adam LabbettM35-39GBRSaturday
2067James EacottM35-39GBRSaturday
2069Tom DaveyM35-39GBRSaturday
2077Neil EddyM35-39GBRSaturday
2079Alex DuceM35-39GBRSaturday
2109Oliver WhitbyM35-39GBRSaturday
2118Geraint LewisM35-39GBRSaturday
2126Lee ClareM35-39GBRSaturday
2128Dickon MorrisM35-39GBRSaturday
2132Kurt McdonnellM35-39GBRSaturday
2152Aly HadfieldM35-39GBRSaturday
2174Curtis HuynhM35-39GBRSaturday
1812James KnipeM35-39IRLSaturday
1902Michael ScullyM35-39IRLSaturday
1914James CurranM35-39IRLSaturday
1941James HoareM35-39IRLSaturday
2065David SheridanM35-39IRLSaturday
2145Thomas WalshM35-39IRLSaturday
2191Nick HargerM35-39IRLSaturday
1168Christopher MoleM40-44GBRSaturday
1175Richard BruceM40-44GBRSaturday
1196Andy BrodziakM40-44GBRSaturday
1204Graeme StewartM40-44GBRSaturday
1261Luke WorthingtonM40-44GBRSaturday
1265Neal BaileyM40-44GBRSaturday
1267Daren DaviesM40-44GBRSaturday
1302Pat HudsonM40-44GBRSaturday
1318Stuart NewM40-44GBRSaturday
1328Gary RobertsM40-44GBRSaturday
1334Greg AdamM40-44GBRSaturday
1346Oliver SimonM40-44GBRSaturday
1366Thomas MorleyM40-44GBRSaturday
1412Russell WrightM40-44GBRSaturday
1425Dan BlakeM40-44GBRSaturday
1450Trevor DixonM40-44GBRSaturday
1469Matt BatchelorM40-44GBRSaturday
1486Greg IrvingM40-44GBRSaturday
1489Andrew AlexanderM40-44GBRSaturday
1533Stephen CordinerM40-44GBRSaturday
1541Djalil BaiouM40-44GBRSaturday
1574Paul BarrettM40-44GBRSaturday
1623Tom MooreM40-44GBRSaturday
1624Richard WhitfieldM40-44GBRSaturday
1637Mark HattonM40-44GBRSaturday
1674Martin BickleyM40-44GBRSaturday
1699Lee WilliamsM40-44GBRSaturday
1709Gareth ParrM40-44GBRSaturday
1715James PlattM40-44GBRSaturday
1727Simon PownerM40-44GBRSaturday
1252Derek SheridanM40-44IRLSaturday
1253Richard BrutonM40-44IRLSaturday
1268Mark HigginsM40-44IRLSaturday
1333Colin O’SheaM40-44IRLSaturday
1351Mark MoloneyM40-44IRLSaturday
1392David GriffinM40-44IRLSaturday
1473Michael MccarronM40-44IRLSaturday
1481Thomas CurranM40-44IRLSaturday
1487David ConnollyM40-44IRLSaturday
1507Alan KennyM40-44IRLSaturday
1557Thomas CollinsM40-44IRLSaturday
1564Conor QuinnM40-44IRLSaturday
1593Dermot CostelloM40-44IRLSaturday
1616Stephen LoughnaneM40-44IRLSaturday
1620Jason ShillidayM40-44IRLSaturday
1666Warren TerryM40-44IRLSaturday
1745Pete BaconM40-44IRLSaturday
523Chris MaxwellM45-49GBRSaturday
549Paul JamesM45-49GBRSaturday
560Kenneth MckenzieM45-49GBRSaturday
589Stuart AndersonM45-49GBRSaturday
633Rob DebneyM45-49GBRSaturday
637Andrew RobertsonM45-49GBRSaturday
650Simon SmithM45-49GBRSaturday
670Ged McgrathM45-49GBRSaturday
691Mathew GoddardM45-49GBRSaturday
693Giles BrookM45-49GBRSaturday
698Roman LackoM45-49GBRSaturday
714Stephen AndersonM45-49GBRSaturday
763Keith MurrayM45-49GBRSaturday
787Sam StorerM45-49GBRSaturday
810Paul SmithM45-49GBRSaturday
819Mark HigginbothamM45-49GBRSaturday
823Stephen MottM45-49GBRSaturday
827Marcus CoxM45-49GBRSaturday
841Andy EdwardsM45-49GBRSaturday
849Simon DayM45-49GBRSaturday
862Giles HeamanM45-49GBRSaturday
863Michael BriggsM45-49GBRSaturday
917Andrew HynesM45-49GBRSaturday
928James MowbrayM45-49GBRSaturday
939Ryan TomlinsonM45-49GBRSaturday
947Mark CarruthersM45-49GBRSaturday
997Dave SmithM45-49GBRSaturday
1039Mark HiltonM45-49GBRSaturday
1061Neil DightonM45-49GBRSaturday
1068Jason RaffillM45-49GBRSaturday
1080Stuart CleworthM45-49GBRSaturday
1101Neil ReidM45-49GBRSaturday
1106Chris EllettM45-49GBRSaturday
1125Iain BanksM45-49GBRSaturday
1148Paul TimmsM45-49GBRSaturday
520Owen MartinM45-49IRLSaturday
524Martin KirwanM45-49IRLSaturday
526Glyn TallonM45-49IRLSaturday
623Tom BrittonM45-49IRLSaturday
645Stephen PepperM45-49IRLSaturday
667Niall BehanM45-49IRLSaturday
672Michael MulcahyM45-49IRLSaturday
859Donnacha HolmesM45-49IRLSaturday
873Oliver HarkinM45-49IRLSaturday
892Justin DuttonM45-49IRLSaturday
1021Kieran McshaneM45-49IRLSaturday
1126Ivan O’GormanM45-49IRLSaturday
1147John StauntonM45-49IRLSaturday
1828Mark TurnbullM50-54GBRThursday
1839Graham WilcockM50-54GBRThursday
1875Jim BurdettM50-54GBRThursday
1891Nick HadwenM50-54GBRThursday
1892Tony ClarkeM50-54GBRThursday
1918Stephen WarrinerM50-54GBRThursday
1950Gary RobertsonM50-54GBRThursday
1998Nick Wenban-SmithM50-54GBRThursday
2008Shaun PaddisonM50-54GBRThursday
2019Richard KaneM50-54GBRThursday
2052Michael WilknerM50-54GBRThursday
2133Jeremy TileyM50-54GBRThursday
2153Stephen DayM50-54GBRThursday
2155Gary SquiresM50-54GBRThursday
2192Steven ForrestM50-54GBRThursday
2199Benjamin LloydM50-54GBRThursday
2200Chris WildM50-54GBRThursday
2204Mark RobsonM50-54GBRThursday
2210David BrownM50-54GBRThursday
2245Derek ClarkeM50-54GBRThursday
2247Steve RipleyM50-54GBRThursday
2261Paul CullenM50-54GBRThursday
2274Simon SaundersM50-54GBRThursday
2326Chris RileyM50-54GBRThursday
2368Matthew SpoonerM50-54GBRThursday
2384Robert HarrisonM50-54GBRThursday
2405Lee AndertonM50-54GBRThursday
2412Roderz HillM50-54GBRThursday
2414Paul LunnM50-54GBRThursday
1834Mark RushbyM50-54IRLThursday
1905Adrian GarveyM50-54IRLThursday
1972Shane Mc GaleM50-54IRLThursday
2065Brendan DoyleM50-54IRLThursday
2086Derek FloodM50-54IRLThursday
2189Niall CampbellM50-54IRLThursday
2314Mark MccabeM50-54IRLThursday
2381Ciaran ByrneM50-54IRLThursday
2418Adrian TolandM50-54IRLThursday
117James KeeleyM55-59GBRSaturday
135Nic JohnsonM55-59GBRSaturday
173Andy DinesM55-59GBRSaturday
191Ed NicollM55-59GBRSaturday
195Phil SumnerM55-59GBRSaturday
202Mark GornallM55-59GBRSaturday
206Douglas AdamsonM55-59GBRSaturday
266David PritchardM55-59GBRSaturday
275Neil McloughlinM55-59GBRSaturday
277Graham BaxterM55-59GBRSaturday
344Martin FosterM55-59GBRSaturday
355Clive GrangerM55-59GBRSaturday
377David SwindellsM55-59GBRSaturday
381Mark WhartonM55-59GBRSaturday
386Ivan JonesM55-59GBRSaturday
410David WilcockM55-59GBRSaturday
417Barry ThomasM55-59GBRSaturday
423Salim MohamedM55-59GBRSaturday
425Keith GarbuttM55-59GBRSaturday
431Gary LancasterM55-59GBRSaturday
433Stephen PageM55-59GBRSaturday
443Paul SloneM55-59GBRSaturday
447Greg MorganM55-59GBRSaturday
451Stuart CampbellM55-59GBRSaturday
461Kevin FreemanM55-59GBRSaturday
473Douglas MactaggartM55-59GBRSaturday
482Mark KearneyM55-59GBRSaturday
218Charlie EldersM55-59IRLSaturday
2667Marc O’DwyerM55-59IRLSaturday
1630Alan BremnerM60-64GBRThursday
1681Vaughn DinnageM60-64GBRThursday
1687Michael StaceyM60-64GBRThursday
1716Andy PidduckM60-64GBRThursday
1751Marcus RichardsonM60-64GBRThursday
1779David VirdenM60-64GBRThursday
1785Paul AdamsM60-64GBRThursday
1797Mike TreesM60-64GBRThursday
1632Dermot ConnollyM60-64IRLThursday
1501Paul JurczukM65-69GBRThursday
1522Michael KendallM65-69GBRThursday
1566Peter OvervoordeM65-69GBRThursday
1570Martin GannonM65-69GBRThursday
1578Alistair AbbottM65-69GBRThursday
1437Alan MccartneyM70-74GBRThursday
1464Tony JohnsonM70-74GBRThursday
1466David HillM70-74GBRThursday
1423Christopher GeorgeM75-79GBRThursday
John Levison
Written by
John Levison
TRI247's Chief Correspondent, John has been involved in triathlon for well over 30 years, 15 of those writing on these pages, whilst he can also be found commentating for events across the UK.
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