IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside: Pro Men start list and bib numbers

With IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside set for April 1, the final start list with bib numbers has been published, and the field is brimming with talent in what promises to be a stunning Pro Men’s race.

Some of the biggest names in men’s triathlon are set to descend on California to battle for the IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside crown – with 2022 champion Jackson Laundry wearing the number one bib as he seeks to pick up a second successive title.

Pro Men racing at IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside 2023

IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside 2022: Men's podium - Jackson Laundry, Lionel Sanders, Rudy Von Berg
Jackson Laundry was the winner last year [Photo Credit: Donald Miralle / IRONMAN]

Potentially no fewer than 71 men will now dive into the water at Oceanside Harbour in California, though there have been two high-profile withdrawals with bib two Jan Frodeno being ruled out of his comeback event by flu while #4 Lionel Sanders also misses through sickness has been ruled out

But lining up against Laundry will be Americans Ben Kanute (3), Sam Long (5), Jason West (7), and Trevor Foley (9) who will want to win on home soil.

Miki Taagholt (5), Léo Bergère (8) and Sam Appleton (10) round out the first 10 bibs of a field truly packed with star names.

Start list and bib numbers – Pro Men

Jackson Laundry CAN 
Jan Frodeno GER
Ben Kanute USA 
4 Lionel Sanders CAN 
Miki Taagholt DEN
Sam Long USA 
Jason West USA 
Léo Bergère FRA 
Trevor Foley USA  
10 Sam Appleton AUS 
11 Chris Leiferman USA 
12 Bart Aernouts BEL 
13 Andy Potts USA 
13 Eric Lagerstrom USA 
14 Luciano Taccone ARG 
15 Rasmus Svenningsson SWE 
16 Matt Mcelroy USA 
17 Jason Pohl CAN 
18 Klodian Mitri USA 
19 Michael Raelert GER
20 Benjamin Deal USA 
21 Andre Lopes BRA 
22 Dylan Gillespie USA 
23 George Goodwin GBR 
24 Arnaud Guilloux FRA 
25 Ivan Tutukin KAZ 
26 Fraser Walsh AUS 
27 Kevin Portmann FRA 
28 Simon Viain FRA 
29 Marty Andrie USA 
30 Tomas Rodriguez Hernandez MEX 
31 Patrick Brady USA 
32 Travis Wood USA 
33 Eduardo Perez Sandi MEX 
34 Matthew Schafer USA 
35 Ted Treise USA 
36 Marek Bialkowski CAN 
37 Tripp Hipple USA  
38 Andy Krueger USA 
39 Antoine Francoeur CAN 
40 Nick Cosman CAN 
41 Lukas Siska SVK 
42 Christopher Hammer USA 
43 Evan Price USA 
44 Michael Vulanich USA 
45 Jamie Hayes USA 
46 Steven Parker USA 
47 Brennen Smith CAN 
48 Scott Haeberle USA 
49 James Lubinski USA 
50 Conor Bollinger USA 
51 Branden Scheel USA 
52 Justin Riele USA 
53 Loren Nelson CAN 
54 Benjamin Ford USA 
55 Timothy Winslow USA 
56 Yorlliry Moreno USA 
57 Yegor Martynenko UKR 
58 Malachi Henry USA 
59 Erik Peterson USA 
60 Benny Smith USA 
61 Ben Stern USA 
62 Vinicius Canhedo USA 
63 Emmett Gross USA 
64 Tom Hutchison USA 
65 Fielding Fischer USA 
66 Nicholas Quenet RSA
67 Hampus Månsson SWE 
68 Nicholas Scott CAN 
69 Isaac Diaz USA 
70 Miguel Mattox USA 
71 Jackson Konkin CAN 
72 Kevin Bishop USA 
73 Jan Stepinski USA 
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