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Who’s racing at the IRONMAN World Championship on Saturday?

Who are you going to be following and tracking on Saturday (and quite likely well into Sunday morning too, if you are in Europe at least), at the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship?

While the Pro athletes may get the bulk of the headlines, simply getting to Kona as an Age-Group athlete is a difficult task that many strive for years to achieve.

We’ve always followed both the Pro and Age-Group field on TRI247, and here we feature the full listings of all of the Great Britain and Ireland Age-Group WOMEN who will be starting their race at 7:20 a.m. (local time) / 6:20 p.m. (UK time) on Saturday.

IRONMAN World Championship Parade of Nations 2017
IRONMAN World Championship Parade of Nations 2017

Sadly, we already know that a few athletes will be missing this year who are on the list due to injuries, including Gill Fullen (interviewed HERE) and Simone Mitchell (interviewed HERE). Both are previous podium finishers at the race and would have been strong favourites to do so again this year.

Simone Mitchell
Not the footwear Simone Mitchell planned for Kona

Also out with injury is Becky Hoare, winner of the Military Division category in 2016. Our best wishes to all of you with your recovery and best wishes for 2019.

#GBKona 2018 - Becky Hoare injury IRONMAN World Championship 2018

In the lead up to the race we’ve already profiled Ruth Purbrook (HERE) and Tara Grosvenor (HERE) – and I dare say that we’ll be profiling a few more over the next few days too.

Will any of the athletes below be able to add to the podium collection of Umeke trophies from 2017 and 2016?

Ruth Purbook (Left)) and Alison Wilson (Right), Umeke winners at Kona 2017 #GBKona
Ruth Purbook (Left)) and Alison Wilson (Right), Umeke winners at Kona 2017

(NOTE: The athlete information and race categories below were extracted from the official race start-lists (HERE). Therefore, if there are any errors then that is probably the source! However, we would like to ensure we have the correct information, so if you do spot any mistakes then please do get in touch with us via editor@tri247.com and we will get it fixed for you.)

Great Britain and Ireland Age-Group WOMEN 2018

115Liz McternanHCGBR
2445Anna LawsonF18-24GBR
2330Ruth PurbrookF25-29GBR
2341Katherine RenoufF25-29GBR
2353Helena HayesF25-29IRL
2358Josie RawesF25-29GBR
2360Milly Wade-WestF25-29GBR
2370Becky HoareF25-29GBR
2372Lucinda JukesF25-29GBR
2375Carly RiceF25-29GBR
2171Claire WaltonF30-34GBR
2173Tara GrosvenorF30-34GBR
2174Michelle HeneghanF30-34IRL
2179Simone MitchellF30-34GBR
2184Rebecca BennettF30-34GBR
2194Hannah SaitchF30-34GBR
1877Sophie BubbF35-39GBR
1898Kelly StokesF35-39GBR
1915Zoe SmithF35-39GBR
1943Rebecca RimmingtonF35-39GBR
1549Lisa HancoxF40-44GBR
1550Victoria HillF40-44GBR
1592Joanna ShallcrossF40-44GBR
1596Lucy WoollacottF40-44GBR
1172Jordan BlancoF45-49GBR
1226Felicia LongF45-49IRL
1230Helen PlatelF45-49GBR
1249Annemarie PowerF45-49IRL
1252Lucy TomlinsonF45-49GBR
839Gill FullenF50-54GBR
869Anna WedgwoodF50-54GBR
872Emma WheelerF50-54GBR
535Elizabeth GannonF55-59GBR
552Siobhan KennedyF55-59IRL
564Maxine Jane MckinnonF55-59GBR
367Jackie HardmanF60-64GBR
374Jane WileyF60-64GBR
379Glenda GoscombF60-64GBR
389Deb MuntonF60-64GBR
271Linda SpillaneF65-69GBR
273Janet WatsonF65-69GBR
193Linda AshmoreF70-74GBR

PRO Start-Lists: MEN | WOMEN

GB and Ireland Age-Group Start-Lists: MEN | WOMEN

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