WATCH: Blu barks last and loudest as Sub7Sub8 drops new doc trailer

Epic Blummenfelt trailer drops for new Sub7Sub8 documentary


“The ones who bark the last bark the loudest” said Kristian Blummenfelt, as he reflected on that incredible Sub7Sub8 achievement in Germany earlier this month.

The Norwegian beat Joe Skipper to finish in 6:44:25, after a phenomenal race complete with sensational time trials, junkyard dogs and…Weedkiller Man.

Kat Matthews was astonishing as she obliterated that eight-hour target, beating the legend that is Nicola Spirig in a time of 7:31:54. Other worldly stuff.

Well, an other worldly project and performances deserve an other wordly documentary, and fingers crossed we are about to get one.

Watch the Sub7Sub8 doc trailer

On July 8, Sub7Sub8 will release their official documentary of race week, and we have the popcorn ready. Organisers released a trailer on Thursday and it was enough to whet the appetites.

YouTube video

It came complete with those Blummenfelt comments about Joe Skipper and his barking, plus new footage of the teams on race day as they tried to surpass those magic numbers.

“Defy The Impossible” will air to a potential 550 million viewers across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Americas on broadcast and OTT platforms from July 8. It will then be available on YouTube from July 15 Popcorn, ready!

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