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Super League Triathlon Munich 2022: preview and watch LIVE

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This is a preview of round two of SLT 2022, click on the links to find out how Georgia Taylor-Brown and Matt Hauser took the honours in Munich.

A week on from West India Quay in London, the second round of the the 2022 Super League Triathlon Championship Series returns to the Olympiapark in Munich, Germany.


Start time and watch live

Racing takes place on Sunday September 11, 2022.

  • There will be a minute’s silence as soon as the broadcast starts to mark the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Women’s Enduro starts 1210 local time (1110 in the UK, 0608 Eastern Standard Time, 0310 Pacific)
  • Men’s Enduro starts 1323 local time (1223 in the UK, 0723 Eastern Standard Time, 0423 Pacific)

The great news is you can watch every second of Super League Triathlon Munich 2022 live right here on via the embed below so you won’t miss a second of the action.

And our live blog on Sunday also provides the perfect ‘second screen’ experience, with expert insight from Lucy and Mark Buckingham.

The broadcast will also be available on the BBC Red Button, iPlayer, Discovery+ and Eurosport and will begin at midday local time.

The events are also free to spectate – so come down and watch the action in person.


Who’s racing at Super League Triathlon Munich?

The nature of Super League Triathlon racing is that you can get familiar with, broadly, the same athletes racing at each Championship Series round.

No Alex Yee this week (he was a wildcard for London only), but there will be additional local interest in Germany, as Laura Lindemann comes in as a wildcard for Munich. She will race in the colours of Annie Emmerson’s Fan Team Cheetahs. Laura recently earned the silver medal at the European Triathlon Championships at the same venue.

European Championships Munich 2022 Elite Women podium

The top three women from London – Cassandre Beaugrand, Taylor Spivey, Georgia Taylor-Brown – will be among the favourites again, while Commonwealth Games medallists, Hayden Wilde and Matt Hauser, will renew rivalries again.


The Course

The format in Munich is ENDURO. In simple turns, this is three back-to-back triathlons (all in swim-bike-run order), with no breaks in between.

Each stage will consist of a 300m swim (one lap) in the Olympiasee, a 4km cycle (four laps) and a 1.6km (two lap) run.

The event is entirely based with the impressive Munich Olympiapark, home of the 1972 Olympic Games, right outside the Munich Olympic Stadium.

Super League Triathlon Munich 2021
Photo Credit: Jesper Gronnemark/SuperLeague

The venue was such an impressive host recently of the triathlon events at the European Championships Multisport event, as well as the Arena Games Triathlon Munich, held at the Olympic pool next door, in April.

The 90-second rule is in play. So any athlete that falls 90 seconds or more off the leader’s pace at the end of any individual lap is shown the Yellow Elimination Flag and is out of the race.

Short Chutes – new rules apply

Love them or hate them, the Short Chute remains part of the Super League Triathlon DNA for 2022. If you are new, the Short Chute is a ‘short cut’ that can be taken within the race by an athlete, having earned that right at a previous point in the event. Think of it as a bonus in real time, rather than a post-race adjustment (as is the case in the Tour de France for example). In that way, the ‘first across the finish line wins’ remains.

Short Chute Vincent Luis Jersey 2019 photo credit Tommy Zaferes Super League Triathlon
[Photo credit: Tommy Zaferes / Super League Triathlon]

You can earn a short chute in Munich as follows:

  • 1. the first athletes across the Mount Line after the swim on Stage 1,
  • 2. the first across the Mount Line after the bike on Stage 1 (i.e. after T2, starting the run)
  • 3. the first athlete across the Mount Line at the end of Stage 1 (i.e. first to finish the first run)

Short Chutes are always taken on the final Run – Stage 3. And always on Lap 1, so even if you have an advantage, you are not yet over the line. That’s a good move, and will help avoid situations such as the slightly disappointing finish – after a great race – in Munich last year, when Vincent Luis was able to take that advantage right next to the finish line.

With the further development of the SLT Teams concept, Team Managers can choose which of their squad will be awarded the short chute. Thus, while a fast swimmer could earn a short chute (point 1 above), the team could elect to award that advantage to another member of the team, who perhaps will be in a better position to secure overall success in the race at the end of the final stage.

Also of note – whatever happens, a team can only earn one short chute in an individual race.

SLT Rankings after London


  • 1. Cassandre Beaugrand (Scorpions) – 15pts
  • 2. Taylor Spivey (Rhinos) – 14pts
  • 3. Georgia Taylor-Brown (Scorpions) – 13pts
  • 4. Sophie Coldwell (Cheetahs) – 12pts
  • 5. Beth Potter (Sharks) – 11pts
  • 6. Kate Waugh (Sharks) – 10pts
  • 7. Miriam Casillas Garcia (Cheetahs) – 9pts
  • 8. Verena Steinhauser (Cheetahs) – 8pts
  • 9. Cathia Schar (Scorpions) – 7pts
  • 10. Nicole Van Der Kay (Sharks) – 6pts
  • 11. Sophia Green (Eagles) – 5pts
  • 12. Natalie Van Coevorden (Rhinos) – 4pts
  • 13. Sian Rainsley (Eagles) – 3pts
  • 14. Rachel Klamer (Cheetahs) – 2pts
  • 15. Jeanne Lehair (Sharks) – 1pt
Taylor Spivey / Cassandre Beaugrand / Georgia Taylor-Brown Super League Triathlon London 2022
Photo Credit: Super League Triathlon


  • 1. Hayden Wilde (Sharks) – 15pts
  • 2. Matt Hauser (Eagles) – 14pts
  • 3. Alex Yee (Rhinos) – 13pts
  • 4. Tyler Mislawchuk (Scorpions) – 12pts
  • 5. Jonny Brownlee (Cheetahs) – 11pts
  • 6. Sergio Baxter Cabrera (Rhinos) – 10pts
  • 7. Kenji Nener (Scorpions) – 9pts
  • 8. Tayler Reid (Sharks) – 8pts
  • 9. Shachar Sagiv (Cheetahs) – 7pts
  • 10. Chase McQueen (Sharks) – 6pts
  • 11. Vasco Vilaca (Rhinos) – 5pts
  • 12. Jamie Riddle (Eagles) – 4pts
  • 13. Richard Murray (Cheetahs) – 3pts
  • 14. Emil Holme (Eagles) – 2pts
  • 15. Daniel Dixon (Eagles) – 1pt
Hayden Wilde, Matt Hauser, Alex Yee - Super League Triathlon London 2022 podium
Photo Credit: Super League Triathlon


  • 1. Scorpions – 100pts
  • 2. Sharks – 76pts
  • 3. Rhinos – 62pts
  • 4. Eagles – 57pts
  • 5. Cheetahs – 50pts
John Levison
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John Levison
TRI247's Chief Correspondent, John has been involved in triathlon for well over 30 years, 15 of those writing on these pages, whilst he can also be found commentating for events across the UK.
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