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Who’s racing at the IRONMAN World Championship on Saturday?

Having collated the equivalent information for the women (HERE), we now take a look at the approx. 100 Great Britain and Ireland Age-Group MEN who will be racing at the IRONMAN World Championship on Saturday. The amateur men’s field will be starting their race at 7:05 a.m. (local time) / 6:05 p.m. (UK time) on Saturday.

IRONMAN World Championship Parade of Nations 2017 - Wuusss Tri #GBKona
From the 2017 Parade of Nations

We’ve already covered a few of the men that will be racing on Saturday – first-timer Joe Spraggins (HERE) and returning podium finisher from 12 months ago, Paul Lunn (HERE) – with more to come before the cannon goes and their race gets started from Dig Me Beach on Saturday.

Joe Spraggins
Joe Spraggins

Will any of the athletes below be able to add to the podium collection of Umeke trophies from 2017 and 2016?


(NOTE: The athlete information and race categories below were extracted from the official race start-lists (HERE). Therefore, if there are any errors then that is probably the source! However, we would like to ensure we have the correct information, so if you do spot any mistakes then please do get in touch with us via editor@tri247.com and we will get it fixed for you.)

2396Daniel BluffM18-24GBR
2403Rory Bowman-ShawM18-24GBR
2268Christopher WallaceM25-29GBR
2271Daniel AndertonM25-29GBR
2280Joe SpragginsM25-29GBR
2294James EllisM25-29GBR
2297Benjamin HallM25-29GBR
1956Mark BillyardM30-34GBR
1969Robert FryerM30-34GBR
1999Michael RixonM30-34GBR
2011Rob ArkellM30-34GBR
2021Paul CowlingM30-34GBR
2022James CurranM30-34IRL
2024Robert DrakeM30-34GBR
2026Nathan FordM30-34GBR
2047Mathew PearsM30-34GBR
2058Robert TurnbullM30-34GBR
2068Richard CurlingM30-34GBR
2070Neil EddyM30-34GBR
2082James PageM30-34GBR
2125David NichollsM30-34GBR
2130Michael ScullyM30-34IRL
2134Christian VarleyM30-34IOM
1640Alan BlakieM35-39GBR
1661Scott HillM35-39GBR
1673Simon LovelockM35-39GBR
1675Michael MccarronM35-39IRL
1712Chris AdamsM35-39GBR
1743Chris PikeM35-39GBR
1751Rich WhitfieldM35-39GBR
1762Jappas Du PreezM35-39GBR
1768Emmet KellyM35-39IRL
1787Tom Van RossumM35-39GBR
1799Luke BakerM35-39GBR
1803Brochan WattsM35-39GBR
1816Gareth Evans-FearM35-39GBR
1820Michael GoodallM35-39GBR
1821Jonathon GreenM35-39GBR
1824Mark HigginsM35-39IRL
1836Gary LaybourneM35-39GBR
1864David StarrM35-39GBR
1256Stephen AndersonM40-44GBR
1294Andrew HockeyM40-44GBR
1295Donnacha HolmesM40-44IRL
1386Robert BaconM40-44GBR
1414Steven MiddletonM40-44GBR
1455Matthew DaviesM40-44GBR
1499Ivan OgormanM40-44IRL
1519Graeme StewartM40-44GBR
1526Andrew WestM40-44GBR
877Stuart AndersonM45-49GBR
886Ciaran ByrneM45-49IRL
908Martin KirwanM45-49IRL
916Paul LunnM45-49GBR
918Owen MartinM45-49IRL
921Mark MccabeM45-49IRL
972Declan DoyleM45-49IRL
977Martin GoodladM45-49GBR
978Garry HallM45-49IRL
1005Paul SlaterM45-49GBR
1026Lee CharlesM45-49GBR
1030Stephen DayM45-49GBR
1036David GarnerM45-49GBR
1038Colin GregoryM45-49GBR
1045James KingM45-49GBR
1046Dean KirkhamM45-49GBR
1058Jason NewsomeM45-49GBR
1062Darren PriestM45-49GBR
1065Nick RoseM45-49GBR
1082Tony WeeksM45-49GBR
1094Stuart DanielsM45-49GBR
1127Damion LittlewoodM45-49GBR
1136Glyn PainterM45-49GBR
1149Michael RoganM45-49GBR
604Edward G Dru DruryM50-54GBR
616Mark JonesM50-54GBR
630Bob OrtonM50-54GBR
667James McdiarmidM50-54GBR
671Graeme MuirheadM50-54GBR
675Martin Pritchard-HowarthM50-54GBR
685S W DowM50-54GBR
691Andrew BrierleyM50-54GBR
716Keith WoolgarM50-54GBR
721Martin ArnoldM50-54GBR
730Jim BurdettM50-54GBR
732Roger CanhamM50-54GBR
741Sean FinnM50-54IRL
751Guy HolbrowM50-54GBR
795Wayne ThurstingM50-54GBR
404James GrahamM55-59GBR
408David LabouchereM55-59GBR
454Martin BeareM55-59GBR
496Luis HerranM55-59GBR
498Michael HooperM55-59GBR
511Malc PearceM55-59GBR
528Graham TyeM55-59GBR
279Martin GannonM60-64GBR
302Peter MacnaughtonM60-64GBR
343Charles SlovenskiM60-64IRL
196Eric BlakieM65-69GBR
222Christopher DomoneyM65-69GBR

PRO Start-Lists: MEN | WOMEN

GB and Ireland Age-Group Start-Lists: MEN | WOMEN

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