Ibiza 2018: European Aquathlon Championships report, medals

Wednesday in Ibiza at the ETU Multisport Championships Festival featured the European Aquathlon Championships. Here's a roundup of the action and the GB medal collection...

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Wednesday at Ibiza ETU Multisport European Champs Festival: Aquathlon


Swim-Run Gold for Sam Dickinson in U23 Championships

Another day, another race in Spain. After three days of Duathlon (Sprint – Saturday, Standard – Sunday and Cross – Tuesday), Wednesday’s racing in Ibiza was the ETU Aquathlon European Championship.

Taking place in Sant Antoni de Portmany, many athletes were racing again, with the large British Age-Group team providing around 60% of the healthy 364 starters (represented by 19 nations). That volume of athletes collected just over half of the medals on offer too.

In the Elite races, Sam Dickinson and Nathan Tweedie finished third and fourth overall, which also earned them Gold and Silver respectively in the Elite U23 category. Sam adds another medal to his ITU U23 Triathlon World Championship Silver in Gold Coast.

Hannah Kitchen has finished 2nd / 1st / 3rd / 1st at this championship in the last four editions, and this year returned to finish fourth. Strangely – and it would appear even she was confused – she was awarded the Elite Silver medal. The first two finishers were Junior athletes and were not included in the Elite podium presentation. However, the U23 category athlete (who finished third), was.

Not sure I understand that either as the ITU Competition Rules (9.3 a) are pretty clear that the Juniors, Bianca Seregni (ITA) and Delia Sclabas (SUI), should have been awarded both the Junior and Elite medals, given that the Elite (Senior), U23 and Juniors all raced together in the same wave.

The British women dominated the Age-Group race with 10 of the fastest 11 times recorded, headed by Tina Wilson (40-44), who was also the fastest Brit at the Aquathlon World Championships in Fyn, Denmark, while Michael Kirk was the quickest British Age-Group male, earning him an M20-24 Silver.

All of the reports and news from Ibiza:

Ibiza ETU Aquathlon European Championships, Wednesday 24th October 2018
1km swim / 5km run


1st – Sergey Kurochkin (UKR) – 27:43
2nd – Tomas Svoboda (CZE) – 27:59
3rd – Samuel Dickinson (GBR) – 28:22
4th – Nathan Tweedie (GBR) – 28:38


1st – Bianca Seregni (ITA) – 31:49
2nd – Delia Sclabas (SUI) – 32:25
3rd – Antoanela Manac (ROU) – 32:49
4th – Hannah Kitchen (GBR) – 32:55


1st – Samuel Dickinson (GBR) – 28:22
2nd – Nathan Tweedie (GBR) – 23:38
3rd -Dylan Magnien (FRA) – 28:54


1st – Antoanela Manac (ROU) – 32:49
2nd – Sofia Pryma (UKR) – 33:08
3rd – Senia Celine (FRA) – 34:09
4th – Chloe Pollard (GBR) – 34:48


1st – Luka Grgorinic (CRO) – 29:01
2nd – Hennadii Anzin (UKR) – 29:05
3rd – Marek Pavuk (SVK) – 29:11


1st – Bianca Seregni (ITA) – 31:49
2nd – Delia Sclabas (SUI) – 32:25
3rd – Ida Lucia Burrows (SWE) – 33:50



1st – Michael Lewis (20-24) – 30:57 – 3rd fastest overall
2nd – William Kirk (20-24) – 31:37 – 8th fastest overall
3rd – Tom Graham-Marr (16-19) – 31:53 – 10th fastest overall


1st – Tina Wilson (40-44) – 34:09 – Fastest female Age-Group athlete
2nd – Michelle Willcocks (30-34) – 34:39 – 2nd fastest overall
3rd – Hannah Dodwell (20-24) – 34:42 – 3rd fastest overall


GOLD (15)

Niamh Perry – 16-19 Female AG
Tom Graham-Marr – 16-19 Male AG
Hannah Dodwell – 20-24 Female AG
Katie Curd – 25-29 Female AG
Michelle Willcocks – 30-34 Female AG
Tina Wilson – 40-44 Female AG
Lena Poulton – 45-49 Female AG
Jacqui Phillips – 50-54 Female AG
Helen Kula-Przezwanski – 55-59 Female AG
Jane Bell – 60-64 Female AG
Julia Hector – 65-69 Female AG
Graham Le Good – 65-69 Male AG
Helen Hayes – 70-74 Female AG
Brian Tate – 70-74 Male AG
Peggy Crome – 75-79 Female AG


Lara Greggs – 16-19 Female AG
Rhys Davies – 16-19 Male AG
Jessica Prior – 20-24 Female AG
Michael Lewis – 20-24 Male AG
Jessica Thorpe – 30-34 Female AG
Shaun Challis – 30-34 Male AG
Samantha Lake – 40-44 Female AG
Maria Powell – 50-54 Female AG
Diane Kidd-Ferguson – 55-59 Female AG
Christine Meek – 60-64 Female AG
Michael Smallwood – 70-74 Male AG


Phoebe Lloyd Evans – 20-24 Female AG
Lara Langston – 25-29 Female AG
Michelle Reid – 35-39 Female AG
Amy Pritchard – 40-44 Female AG
Nigel Gaskin – 40-44 Male AG
Rachel Barnes – 45-49 Female AG
Sharon Hill – 50-54 Female AG
Eric Wardle – 55-59 Male AG
Gina Coulson – 60-64 Female AG
Paul Bennett – 65-69 Male AG
Alexander Heron – 70-74 Male AG

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