Outlaw Triathlon 2021: Event preview and how to follow live

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This is a preview of Outlaw Triathlon 2021, for a full race report and results from Nottingham you can click here.

The Outlaw Triathlon 2021 is all set for this coming (Sunday, 25 July) and things are shaping up really well for the latest edition of the hugely popular long-distance triathlon in Nottingham.

The event is owed some good fortune after the bike leg was cancelled in 2019 due to severe flooding and COVID ensured the 2020 event didn’t happen. Third time lucky?! That said, current forecasts suggest we are going to get wet.

A total of 1,356 individuals and 107 relay team members are expected, which makes 2021 the biggest ever Outlaw Triathlon. They will take on a one-lap, 2.4-mile swim, followed by a largely flat 112-mile bike ride and a flat 26.2-mile run.

Around 50 percent of the field have never taken part in the Outlaw before, perhaps an indication of the number of people unable to race abroad this year, or just the number of people that did a LOT of training during lockdown.

Start time and how to follow live

There is no (broadcast) coverage of the event, but you will be able to keep up to date on progress through the day with live-to-web results data available at the race website (www.outlawtriathlon.com). The swim starts at 0600, in time trial format due to covid-rules – with all athletes expected to be in the water within 15 minutes. Athletes will be set off in pairs, every five seconds, from three separate starting pontoons. As always, the efficient organising team will no doubt have this working like clockwork.

Also, do keep an eye on the Outlaw Triathlon social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), as their media team typically do an excellent job during the day of providing regular event updates, images, standings, video clips and post-race soundbites with the podium finishers.

Your Editor will be at the event all weekend, so we will of course be reporting back in some detail on Sunday evening/Monday morning on how it all plays out.

Who is racing at Outlaw Triathlon 2021?

Could these be the key contenders for the overall male and female wins? If they have an exceptional day, the course-record bonuses have been doubled:



  • #49 – Rebecca Duxbury, 25-29. By far the fastest Age Group athlete at Outlaw X 2020. Part of Zwift Academy Tri Team for 2021, and was also the fastest AG athlete at the 2019 ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championship in 2019.
  • #158 – Claire Weller, 30-34. Winner Outlaw Half Nottingham 2019. Has already raced at Holkham (sixth overall) Nottingham (fifth overall) so far in 2021.
  • #69 – Davina Greenwell, 35-39. AG winner at the Outlaw X 2020
  • #165 – Rebecca Lineker, 30-34. AG winner at the Outlaw X 2020

Although the transition is slightly longer than in previous years, it’s shorter than it was at Outlaw Half Nottingham last month, and the rest of the course is largely unchanged from previous years. With the right weather conditions, the records could be under threat.


Outlaw course records

A bonus pot of £3,000 is available to the overall fastest male and female athletes if they can break the existing course records. If both records are broken, the amount is split equally. If just one record is broken the full amount is paid to one athlete. Bonus does not include the relay event.

  • Male Record Holder – Kit Walker (2017) 8:39:37
  • Female Record Holder – Simone Mitchell (2018) 9:15:44
  • Relay Record Holder – KGF Dreamteam (2016) 7:47:34

Previous Outlaw winners

Kit Walker (2016 and 2017) and Eugene Grant (2013) are the only previous winners to return this year. Grant also features as part of an exclusive group of just six men to have completed the Outlaw every single year it has taken place since 2010.

None of the previous female winners are taking part in the full-distance event this year – but former course-record holder Gill Fullen will return and run the marathon as part of a relay team.

IRONMAN World Championship / Gill Fullen / Kona 2019
2010Paul Hawkins, 9:11:44Joanna Swallow, 10:45:51
2011Joel Jameson, 8:47:47Cat Faux, 10:22:51
2012Harry Wiltshire, 9:06:16Emma Rand, 11:00:16
2013Eugene Grant, 9:27:09Vicky Gill, 9:50:58
2014Craig Twigg, 9:03:32Jenny Bosman, 10:35:45
2015Craig Twigg, 8:50:56Jenny Latham, 9:55:59
2016Kit Walker, 8:58:52Alison Wilson, 9:45:36
2017Kit Walker, 8:39:37Gill Fullen, 9:44:46
2018Joe Beech, 8:54:14Simone Mitchell, 9:15:44
2019David Bishop, 3:36:24*Eleanor Wiseman, 4:38:51*

(* 2019 bike leg cancelled due to flooding)

Outlaw Age-Group records – MEN

18-24 yearsJoseph WilsonDurham University201009:42:23
25-29 yearsKit Walker201708:39:37
30-34 yearsGareth HodgsonTrain X Hale201808:55:09
35-39 yearsHywel DaviesPlanet X201108:52:28
40-44 yearsCraig Twigg201409:03:32
45-49 yearsKevin DawsonRacing Team Dawson201809:22:36
50-54 yearsGraham HodgsonColts201210:00:35
55-59 yearsMark FowellDerby Tri201710:39:33
60-64 yearsSteve BraundBarracuda Tri201411:06:01
65-69 yearsSteve BraundBarracuda Tri201712:13:31
70-74Julian Swailes201816:50:41

Outlaw Age-Group records – WOMEN

18-24 yearsCatherine FauxSheffield Tri Club201110:22:51
25-29 yearsAlison WilsonPortsmouth Triathletes201609:45:36
30-34 yearsSimone Mitchell201809:15:44
35-39 yearsLouise HarrisTanks Direct Cycling201710:04:24
40-44 yearsJoanna CarrittSomerset Rc Tri201710:03:37
45-49 yearsVanessa TaylorHillingdon201611:14:33
50-54 yearsGill FullenBedford Harriers201709:44:46
55-59 yearsHelen HallTFN Tri Club201612:20:20
60-65 yearsJackie HardmanBarracuda Tri Club201613:18:52
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