Are you the next Stonebrixiaman?

2018 could be the year you tackle an almighty challenge of endurance. How about an iron distance event set in the North of Italy. Let us introduce to you The Stonebrixiaman Triathlon. Check out the pictures above to see what you are up against!

The backdrop for the Stonebrixiaman triathlon is the Valcamonica, one of the largest valleys of Lombardy in the heart of the Italian Alps. Places are limited so you will need to make a quick decision on entry, this will then give you plenty of time to get some uphill training in!
A unique and exciting experience lies ahead, with features that are different from other races, you will face the toughest path and savour extreme emotions along the way. This is one way of seeing a stunning part of Italy and will certainly be a trip that you remember long after the body has recovered!

YouTube video


The race is long and hard, with a total altitude difference of more than 6000 meters, with the bike stage reaching 2621m and the finish line  is at Passeo Paradisio (Paradiso Step) at a height of 2600m. This is one event not to enter lightly. around 30% of the race starting lineup failed to finish so when you do cross the finish line you will be in a select group.

Starting in darkness from the race barge each competitor has their own flashing buoy with LED and a lead canoe with a light for sighting to direct you through the early morning. The swim stage might be the only flat you will enjoy. From the swim exit it looks like there is plenty of uphill to endure.

YouTube video

Are you the next Stonebrixiaman? The 7th July 2018 needs to be in your race calendar if you want to find out!

Registrations are open here.

See their Facebook page here, or visit The Stonebrixiaman website here

Airstreeem Super TT Plus: GALLERY AND VIDEO

With so much going on at the IRONMAN World Championships its easy to miss some of the new products that get launched over race week. One such product was the Airstreeem Super TT Plus. We take a look at the bike that was INSPIRED BY SPEEED (and yes that should have three e’s in it..).

Airstreeem Super TT Plus

Airstreeem is a family business set up in 2008 by former pro cyclist, Stefan Probst. The bikes are hand built in Austria and the company has its own in-house research/development team.

Our vision – to make professional products available for every rider and for every purpose

The Super TT Plus is, in Airstreeem’s own words, an “Eeevolution of our existing product with some really cool and unique features”.

Airstreeem Super TT Plus
Airstreeem Super TT Plus launched at IRONMAN World Championships 2017

Super TT Plus Features

Airstreeem Super TT Plus
AEROBOTTLE: 750ml volume and can be removed quickly in two steps.
Airstreeem Super TT Plus
Airstreeem Super TT Plus
SPEEDCOCKPIT: height adjustable without removing electronic shifting cables
Airstreeem Super TT Plus
STORAGEBOX: space for gels and bars. Integrated Di2.


Airstreeem Super TT Plus
AEROBOX: space for tools and spares.
Airstreeem Super TT Plus
SEATPOST: Seat angle adjustable from 70° TO 80°
Airstreeem Super TT Plus
Airstreeem Super TT Plus
Airstreeem Super TT Plus

YouTube video

No details on price yet but you can find out more via the Airstreeem website.

Rouleur Classic: the best bike show in the world?

Is the Rouleur Classic ( the best bike show in the world? In short I think the answer is yes. It really is very impressive.

(Scroll through the image gallery above to see more from the Rouleur Classic)

Arriving at the show on the opening evening and looking at the queue outside, you could think you were going to Londons hippest new nightclub rather than a bike show.

Cycling really does have it all – history, success, controversy, diversity, technology, fashion and characters, lots of characters. Fascinating, intriguing, serious, funny and sometimes down right crazy characters.

Standing waiting in line to go in felt like I had the Golden Ticket for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory rather than a bike show. What they have created is an experience like no other, a journey to discover the magical mystery world of cycling.

Yes there are products, the latest products at that, but not all of them. The show restricts some of the brands and ranges so you wont get to see every pair of shoes out on the market. What you will be able to see is a particular brand/product showcasing its story and place in this crazy cycling world – and that will suck you further into the mystique.

I don’t think Bruce Sandell (MD of Rouleur), would thank me if everyone starts calling him Willy Wonka… but the show is an experience like no other. A carefully choreographed list of exhibitors and sponsors, well thought out displays/experiences, and a theatre line up that would be like trying to pick your favourite child. If that is not enough they then add a list of cycling superstars that would leave Lord Alan Sugar star struck (I know Lord Sugar did attend in previous years, but not sure if he made it this year?).

Like cycling, the Rouleur Classic really does have it all. Its not often I wish I didn’t work in the endurance sports industry, but on Thursday part of me wished I didn’t. Part of me wanted to be a normal punter and emerge myself into this experience hook line and sinker. When I found myself casually standing next to Sir Bradley Wiggins at the bar I so wanted to ask him for a photo.


So the downside? Well the tickets are not cheap, although at least you don’t have to try and find them inside a chocolate bar.

The real downside for me is that is that we don’t have something similar in triathlon. I know triathlon does not have the depth of history that cycling has, but it does have history. It does have success, controversy, diversity, technology, fashion and plenty of characters. I know that some of the historic displays would feature a lot of day glow pink and too many revealing tri suits, but I would love someone to put together the ‘Monumental celebration of triathlon’. If anyone fancies looking at putting this on then I will help anyway I can!

Until then, look out for the dates of the 2018 Rouleur Classic and get yourself a Golden Ticket – you won’t be disappointed.

Rouleur Classic
Fabian Cancellara

Gallery: The Golden Thread Ball 2017

The Golden Thread Ball 2017

(Scroll through the gallery above to see more images from the evening)

It is not often you get to see your fellow triathletes in black tie and evening dresses, so TRI247 took the very kind opportunity to join Jane Hansom on the Sponge Marketing table at the recent Triathlon Trust Golden Thread Ball.

As well as a celebration of a successful year for the Triathlon Trust in spreading the word of triathlon and encouraging children to get active, the night was also a great opportunity to raise funds for the trust and one of its partner charities, Starlight.

The Banking Hall: an impressive venue

Held at the very impressive 1930’s art deco Banking Hall in the square mile of Central London, the event was a roaring success. With special guests galore (BBC’s Louise Minchin, Lauren Steadman, Fiona Thornewill MBE and Lucy Charles to name just a few), fantastic food, a latin dance crew, live singers and a DJ to finish the night off there was plenty of opportunity to let your hair down.

Triathlon Trust Golden Thread Ball
Lucy Charles and Reece Barclay

There was also plenty of fundraising to help the great work of the Triathlon Trust and Starlight with a raffle, silent auction, a live auction plus a few games to boot. I know that the Editor did win one of the silent auction prizes, although I still don’t know what it is…!

Golden Thread Ball
A selection of the fantastic items available in the Silent Auction

A big thank you to Jane for the invite and Mike Jubb and the team at the Triathlon Trust for a great evening.

Jane Hansom

A special thanks to Lauren Steadman and Natalie Shapanis who clearly worked incredibly hard to put on a very impressive event and make it such an enjoyable evening. If you are looking to hold an event, you would do well to headhunt these two.

Golden Thread Ball
Natatie Shapanis and Lauren Steadman

All images by QuirkyStu, you can view more HERE.

Challenge Forte Village Sardinia in pictures

Challenge Sardinia 2017 in pictures – courtesy of José Luis Hourcade


“Absolutely awesome race, amazing venue, spectacular course and awesome team. Highly recommend this event!” – that’s what Great Britain’s Laura Siddall said about Challenge Forte Village Sardinia after finishing second on Sunday. Take a look at this gallery from the event to find out more.

(You can read out full report from the race HERE).

Challenge Forte Village Sardinia – Sunday 29th October 2017
1.9km / 90km / 21.1km


1st – Vicente Hernandez (ESP) – 3:57:15
2nd – Bart Aernouts (BEL) – 4:01:08
3rd – Rodolphe Von Berg (USA) – 4:01:15
4th – Giulio Molinari (ITA) – 4:01:57
5th – Trevor Wurtele (CAN) – 4:02:04


1st – Heather Wurtele (CAN) – 4:27:46
2nd – Laura Siddall (GBR) – 4:28:36
3rd – Marta Bernardi (ITA) – 4:37:24
4th – Yvonne Van Vlerken (NED) – 4:39:03
5th – Judith Corachan Vaquera (ESP) – 4:42:08

Challenge Forte Village Sardinia (Photo: Jose Luis Hourcade)

In pictures: the debut of Challenge Madrid

The debut of Challenge Madrid – through the lens of José Luis Hourcade

As each year passes, the list of European options for long distance races continues to expand.

With British athletes among the most likely to travel overseas, we try to keep on eye on the options out there as we know that many like to visit different destinations while combining their holiday time and sporting goals.

Just over a week ago, two new events made their debut. We’ve covered the first edition of IRONMAN Italy Emilia-Romagna (won by Lucy Gossage) HERE – with an extensive gallery from the event HERE.

That same weekend in Spain, the other big player in the long distance triathlon world, Challenge Family, also had their latest long-distance race take place too – Challenge Madrid ( in Spain.

Once again, we are pleased to welcome the images of José Luis Hourcade ( to the pages of Tri247.

Scroll through the image gallery above to get an insight into the race.

If you like what you see, the next edition is all set for 23rd September 2018.

Challenge Madrid – Sunday 24th September 2017
3.8km / 180km / 42.2km


1st – Timothy Van Houtem (BEL) – 8:33:23
2nd – Lukas Kramer (GER) – 8:49:09
3rd – Alejandro Santamaria Perez (ESP) – 8:56:21


1st – Lisa Roberts (USA) – 9:32:51
2nd – Gabriella Zelinka (HUN) – 9:51:42
3rd – Sofie Goos (BEL) – 10:10:12


Gallery: The debut of IRONMAN Italy Emilia-Romagna

Check out the debut of IRONMAN Italy

On a weekend which saw a couple of brand new, full distance events debut in Europe, Saturday saw the first edition of IRONMAN Italy Emilia Romagna.

Won by Great Britain’s Lucy Gossage (full report HERE), the event has had plenty of positive feedback over the weekend. Located in the heart of some very popular cycling country on the the Emilia-Romagna cost in Cervia, close to Cesanatico, the race provides very easy access from across Europe.

Check out the image gallery above to get see more of the race, courtesy of Getty Images for IRONMAN.


IRONMAN UK 2017 galleries

IRONMAN UK in pictures
courtesy of David Pearce (



And there’s more…!

In addition to the gallery above, we also have a HUGE (over 300 images) collection posted to a Facebook gallery on the Tri247 Facebook page ( Please do Tag / Like / Share etc and help spread the word!


A small selection of what you will find…

IRONMAN UK 2017 - Photo David Pearce

IRONMAN UK 2017 - Photo David Pearce

IRONMAN UK 2017 - Photo David Pearce

Gallery: SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon

SWISSMAN Xtreme 2017 in pictures – courtesy of José Luis Hourcade


Now in its fifth year, the SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon ( is an iron-distance challenge for those for whom simply covering the distance is not enough.

As well as hills, more hills and then plenty of mountains, this is an event that comes with stunning scenery.

The men’s race was won by Alain Freidrich (SUI). If that names sounds familiar, that is because he wears the colours of and represents the UK-based Team Freespeed.

Gallery: Challenge Venice 2017

Challenge Venice 2017 in pictures – courtesy of Jose Luis Hourcade


The term ‘iconic’ has been somewhat overused in the sport to describe the venues of many high profile races. However, in the case of Challenge Venice, I think we could all agree that word fits very comfortably.

Taking place over the full iron-distance this past weekend, check out this great set of images from Jose Luis Hourcade.

Challenge Venice – Sunday 11th June 2017
3.8km / 180km / 42.2km


1st – Lukas Kramer (GER) – 8:23:38
2nd – Alberto Casadei (ITA) – 8:26:52
3rd – Jan Raphael (GER) – 8:29:57


1st – Sofie Goos (BEL) – 9:17:17
2nd – Simona Krivankova (CZE) – 9:36:25
3rd – Sonja Skevin (CRO) – 9:49:21

Gallery: Challenge Salou 2017

Challenge Salou 2017 in pictures – courtesy of Jose Luis Hourcade


A little later than planned, thanks to a trip over the weekend to The Championship, a great set of images here from Challenge Salou, won this year in fine style by Great Britain’s David McNamee.

(Full report from the race HERE)

Challenge Salou – Sunday 28th May 2017
1.9km / 90km / 21.1km


1st – David McNamee (GBR) – 3:26:04
2nd – Emilio Aguayo Munoz (ESP) – 3:28:26
3rd – James Cunnama (RSA) – 3:28:30
4th – Ivan Kalashnikov (RUS) 3:28:35
5th – Pablo Dapena Gonzalez (ESP) 3:29:11


1st – Sara Loehr (ESP) 3:59:01
2nd – Nikki Bartlett (GBR) – 4:00:42
3rd – Erika Csomor (HUN) – 4:05:20
4th – Simona Krivankova (CZE) 4:05:33
5th – Ewa Komander (POL) 4:07:42

7th – Catherine Jameson (GBR) – 4:09:23

Gallery: Challenge Rimini 2017

Challenge Rimini 2017 in pictures – courtesy of Jose Luis Hourcade

In what was already a busy weekend of racing, there was more middle distance European action in Italy at Challenge Rimini. The Italian venue is a popular training destination and has also hosted the ITU Duathlon World Championships in past years.

From a British perspective, Hannah Drewett was the first female out of the water, while Elliot Smales had a great debut Pro race to finish fourth overall.

You can see them – and plenty more – in the image gallery above.

Challenge Rimini – Sunday 8th May 2017
1.9km / 90km / 21.1km

1st – Anja Beranek (GER) – 4:34:50
2nd – Judith Vaquera (ESP) – 4:39:36
3rd – Sara Dossena (ITA) – 4:40:02
12th – Hannah Drewett (GBR) – 4:58:49

1st – Giulio Molinari (ITA) – 4:03:28
2nd – Thomas Steger (AUT) – 4:07:17
3rd – Stefan Schmid (GER) – 4:08:10
4th – Elliot Smales (GBR) – 4:09:12

Challenge Gran Canaria Gallery: The Brits Excel

In pictures – the British excel at Challenge Gran Canaria 2017

We are very fortunate here on Tri247 to be able to bring you some fantastic race images from a small group of very talented photographers. One of those is Lanzarote-based Brit, James Mitchell (

James has provided his services to a number of familiar names and brands in the triathlon and wider sporting community, his images regularly appearing on magazine covers and on the adverts and branding of many high-profile brands. If you are looking for a talented snapper – especially one who knows Lanzarote and its surrounds like the back of his hand – get in touch with him!

James was at the Gloria Challenge Mogán Gran Canaria on Saturday, a race that drew more than its fair share of headlines thanks to Alistair Brownlee and Daniela Ryf – and even more when Brits Emma Pallant and Lucy Charles finished ahead of the four-time world champion. Full report HERE.

It was a good day generally for the British athletes. As well as the Pro wins, Ruth Purbrook and Reece Barclay were the overall Age-Group winners, with plenty more podium finishes too.

Check out this ‘Great British’ gallery from James – scroll through the images above.

Gallery: Polar Cannes International Triathlon 2017

Stunning images from the 2017 Polar Cannes International Triathlon

Sunday’s Cannes International Triathlon, one of the first major international events of the European season, saw big wins for Sebastian Kienle (GER) and Emma Bilham (SUI). Both cemented their dominance with very impressive bike splits on the challenging 95km course. (Full report HERE).

We’ve said many times how highly we rate this event, having had the chance to experience it two years ago. If you need any further convincing, check out this great image gallery courtesy of José Luis Hourcade.

Scroll through the image gallery above to see more

Cannes International Triathlon 2017

Pro Bike: Karl Alexander’s Planet X EXO3 TT/Tri

Chasing Outlaw Triathlon success…

The Planet X EXO3 TT/Tri bike of Karl Alexander

2016 saw one of the most exciting finishes of the domestic triathlon season in Nottingham, where after being behind for almost the entire race, defending champion Karl Alexander overtook race leader Simon George in sight of the finish line, to win his second consecutive Outlaw Half Nottingham by just eight seconds. You can read Karl’s report on that race HERE.

Outlaw Half Nottingham 2016: Karl Alexander and Simon George
Outlaw Half Nottingham 2016: Karl Alexander and Simon George

As he told us in a recent interview, Karl is targeting an Outlaw Half “three-peat”on 21st May in Nottingham. He’ll also be racing the Outlaw Half Holkham (2nd July) and full-distance Outlaw (23rd July), hoping to erase the memories of injury-induced DNF’s at both events in 2016.

He’ll have a new bike for 2017 – this Planet X EXO3 TT/Tri – the latest incarnation of their ‘Exocet’ range.

For full details on the bike, scroll through the image gallery above

“I was lucky enough to test ride the prototype of the EXO3 a few years back and provide Planet X with feedback. Since then I’ve been really excited to see and ride the finished bike and I have to say it was well worth the wait. This is a seriously fast bike, even standing still it looks quick!”

Karl Alexander Planet X EXO3 TT / Triathlon Bike
Karl Alexander and EXO3: Coming to an Outlaw Triathlon soon…

For more on the EXO3 range from Planet X, visit:

Pro Bike: The Cervélo P5X of Susie Cheetham

The Cervélo P5X of Great Britain’s Susie Cheetham

Ready to race at IRONMAN South Africa on Sunday

In recent years we have twice featured the race bikes of Susie Cheetham ( In 2014 it was the Orbea Ordu, and a year later it was the Falco V. A Cervélo sponsored rider from 2016, at Sunday’s IRONMAN South Africa Susie will be racing on their renege-topping P5X model, released to much fanfare at Kona in October.

For full details on the bike, scroll through the image gallery above

Susie says of the bike:

“The front end fully adjustable so gives amazing flexibility to get into any position. It’s pretty much a no compromise bike in terms of position and storage. There’s the option to have another storage box on the middle bottle cage (‘Speedcase’, pictured below), but I’ll run without it on race day.

Susie Cheetham's Cervelo P5X

And the final addition being added below…

Susie Cheetham - Cervelo P5X
Husband and Coach (and “bike bitch” – Susie’s words, not mine!), Rob, is applying the finishing touches by installing the CeramicSpeed UFO chain

And the end result…

Susie Cheetham - Cervelo P5X
“Sprinkled with fairy dust!”
Cervelo P5X - everything you need to know
The storage locations on the P5X

For more on the Cervélo P5X, visit these links:

Pro Bike: Doug Hall’s Charge Cooker Titanium 29er

How do you build a bike for off-road triathlon?

Take a look at what Doug Hall did…

When I posted our last Pro Bike feature on Twitter (the Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1 of Kimberley Morrison), Great Britain Elite Off-Road athlete, Doug Hall asked “fancy doing an MTB one for the off road fans?” Great idea I thought – and threw the job right back at Doug!

And here were are, with a detailed look at Doug’s Charge Cooker Titanium 29er.

For full details on the bike, scroll through the image gallery above

Away from the Elite circuit for a couple of years, Doug will be back this coming Sunday at XTERRA Malta, the first event of the 2017 XTERRA European Tour.

Aside from something a little different to many of the TT bikes we have previously showcased, Doug’s choice of frame and components is all driven by personal choice, preferences (and budget…), in the absence of current sponsorship commitments.

Given that, how do you build an off-road triathlon bike, and what would you choose? Well, this is what Doug Hall did…

After a few years away from the XTERRA circuit, I’m back on the European Tour for 2017.

Challenging myself to race at a high level whilst holding down full-time employment can be a struggle, but the upside of this (other than resting 9-5), is that I can be picky about my bike tech and just purchase product without having to scrounge about for sponsorship deals like the old days!

Doug Hall Charge Cooker Titanium


Charge Cooker Titanium, 29er obviously. I spent a while searching for one of these. I’m quite particular about bike set up, I like a long reach but a short headtube and the Charge is spot on in the medium size. Whilst I love carbon bikes there is something about a Ti frame. It is super lightweight but offers a bit more flex resulting in a smoother ride and better traction on rough surfaces.

Doug Hall - Charge Cooker TitaniumFork

Rockshox Reba RL, a pretty basic unit but nice and light. It did come standard with a 100mm travel, but that meant the stack height being just that little bit too high. A quick hacksaw and thread tapping job reduced the travel to 95mm, voided the warranty but placated my fussiness.


Shimano XT/XTR. I’ve been a late convert to 11speed on the mountain bike, but after testing it, I simply had to buy it. Crisp precise shifting across a frankly massive 11-42 range cassette, paired with a single 34t ring up front, renders the front derailleur obsolete and cast to the spares bin. Stopping duties are covered by Shimano XT brakes. I’ve found them to be as good as XTR but without the price tag and the constant worry of breaking a £40 carbon lever on a tree!


Stans No Tube Grails. The grails are really meant to be used for cyclocross and gravel duties. Initially I slapped them on the mtb due to a spoke failure on the regular wheels but I found them to be great. Lightweight, wide internal width (bulks out the tyre) and I’m especially fond of these wheels as I hand built them myself onto dependable Hope Pro4 hubs.


Vitorria Mezcal Graphene. Go to any mountain bike event and the pre-race discussion is all about tyre choice. I’m no different, I’m heading out to XTERRA Malta at the end of the month and the dry, rocky conditions require a particular tyre. A quick call to Jon Heasman at Vittoria and I had a new pair of boots for the bike, perfect for going fast and standing up to the abuse they’re likely to receive on the limestone trails. ThEese tyres are the first mountain bike tyre to have the super material graphene in them.

Doug Hall Charge Cooker Titanium

Finishing Kit

Easton carbon bar with Shimano pro Atherton grips, Fizik Gobi sadde atop a Shimano pro post, shimano pedals – I’ve had these for years and they are showing their age, but they just work!”

Doug Hall - Charge Cooker Titanium

IRONMAN 70.3 Buenos Aires 2017 gallery

In Pictures: Chura and Sanders taste success in Argentina

Great Britain’s Kimberley Morrison arrived in Argentina for Sunday’s IRONMAN 70.3 Buenos Aires as the defending champion.

After a close race in 2016 (nine seconds winning margin!), this time around she was on the wrong side of another highly contested affair, this time taking second place to Haley Chura (USA), just 47 seconds in arrears.

The men’s race was another masterclass from Canada’s Lionel Sanders, overcoming his now standard swim deficit with an (equally standard…), fastest bike and run split. Our race report is HEREbut watch it in colourful form through this gallery.

Scroll through the images above for more on the story of the race

All images are courtesy and copyright Jose Luis Hourcade (

Pro Bike: Kimberley Morrison’s Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1

Is Kimberley Morrison ( Great Britain’s latest female Middle and Long distance über-biker? If so, we are going to be seeing a lot more of her bike for 2017, the Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1. Let’s take a detailed look at her new ride.

The first ‘Pro Bike’ we featured this year was of Laura Siddall (CEEPO Viper-R). Laura set the fastest bike split at both Challenge Wanaka and IRONMAN New Zealand on her new ride – and Kimberley did the same in her first race of 2017, at IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai, leaving her in the very lofty company of running side-by-side with IRONMAN World Champion Daniela Ryf leaving T2.

On Sunday, Kimberley will be racing at IRONMAN 70.3 Buenos Aires, Argentina – a race she won last year by just nine seconds – and if she is to retain that title again, leaving everyone else behind on the bike will certainly be on he ‘to do’ list…

For full details on the bike, scroll through the image gallery above

Kimberley Morrison on the bike at IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai 2017. Picture credit to Johan Badenhorst
Kimberley Morrison on the bike at IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai 2017. Picture credit to Johan Badenhorst

From the front…

Kimberley Morrison's Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1

For 2017, Kimberley will be racing for the Leicestershire-based Race Hub Race Team (, pictured below at a recent photo shoot at the venue.

Kimberley Morrison and Race Hub
Kimberley Morrison and Race Hub

Pro Bike: Laura Siddall’s CEEPO Viper-R

Laura Siddall’s new 2017 race bike: CEEPO Viper-R

Great Britain’s Laura Siddall ( has been in fine and improving form over the past couple of years.

The former multiple World Age-Group Champion has well an truly made the transition to top performing professional. Less than two weeks ago she came within 28 seconds of victory at Challenge Wanaka after a race-long battle with Yvonne van Vlerken. That was her third consecutive second place at the “world’s most scenic long distance triathlon“.

Much of her success has been down to her speed on two wheels – and for 2017, she’s riding a new steed, this CEEPO Viper-R (

It appears a good match too, Laura riding it to a bike course record in Wanaka by more than nine and a half minutes.

The CEEPO will be back out again on Saturday at IRONMAN New Zealand. And before you think, “that’s not enough time to recover”, last year Laura went even faster in Taupo, finishing a fine fourth, only four minutes adrift of Lucy Gossage.

For full details on the bike, scroll through the image gallery above

Laura Siddall on her CEEPO at Challenge Wanaka 2017 (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)
Laura Siddall at Challenge Wanaka 2017 (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

For more information on CEEPO Bikes in the UK, contact:

Velotech Services
26-27 Western Rd
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 0AH, UK
Tel: 01789 295470


Alpe d’Huez Triathlon: early rate ends soon

Considering Alpe d’Huez Triathlon in 2017?

We’ve never hidden our admiration for this event on the pages of Tri247. If you are looking to race abroad, and want a challenge outside of the more typical ITU/ETU Age-Group schedule or the IRONMAN / Challenge middle and long distance offerings, then the EDF Alpe d’Huez Triathlon really should be on your shortlist.

Taking place this year on Thursday 27th July (Long – 2.2k / 115k / 22k) and Friday 28th July (Short – 1.2k / 30k / 7.3k), this really is one of the marquee races of the European calendar. There is also a Duathlon on the Tuesday and Children’s race on the Wednesday, so there should be something to suit everyone.

Entry prices for the triathlons increase from 1st March 2017 – so if you enter before then,  you can save EUR 30 (Long) or EUR 10 (Short). With easy access from the UK and plentiful accommodation available, it is well worth considering.

If you need convincing, then scroll through the gallery above, which features some stunning images courtesy of Laurent Salino and José Luis Hourcade.

Take your chance now : registration fees are going up!

Time is running out on the early special entry rate for the 2017 EDF Alpe d’Huez Triathlon.

If you are looking to take part in this spectacular event then get your entry in soon and same money at the same time.

Registrations are going fast this year according to the race organisers and 2017 is set to be another great year for the event. We already are in February… there is only one weeks remaining before the increase of registration fees on 28th February.

Taking in some of the most scenic stages in the sport of triathlon you will be lining up against not only a focussed set of fellow athletes but one of the most challenging courses around. Take a deep breath and ask yourself what are you looking for in a triathlon. If you think “passion”, “escape”, “adventure”, “experience”, then do not hesitate. This could be your moment, the opportunity to start one of the greatest races in Europe.

A lake swim in Lac du Verney will wake you up and it’s typically on the cooler side of things.

EDF Alpe d'Huez Triathlon gallery
The swim start in Lac du Verney

That leads you into the bike stage and Alpe du Grand Serre (1375 m) and the Col d’Ornon (1371 m) – as well as the climb through the 21 switching bends of the climb to Alpe d’Huez and then a challenging run to finish.

EDF Alpe d'Huez Triathlon gallery
On the climb of Alpe d’Huez to T2

There are several event distances available so choose wisely, and check out the timings and events leading up to the races. You might want to make a holiday of it as there are plenty of things leading up to race day to get you in the spirit.

Visit the EDF Alpe d’Huez Triathlon website for full details, schedules and entry –

Challenge Wanaka 2017 Gallery

Challenge Wanaka: “The world’s most scenic long distance triathlon”

It’s a bold claim, but few events can come close to the beauty of the natural surroundings of Challenge Wanaka (

Saturday’s race (full report HERE), saw course records plus an epic head-to-head battle between Yvonne van Vlerken (NED) and Great Britain’s Laura Siddall, the pair separated by just 27 seconds after over nine hours of racing.

Scroll through the images above for more on the story of the race – and of course, some truly stunning scenery – courtesy of Getty Images.

Inspired? Challenge Wanaka will take place next year on 17th February 2018.

The bikes of Robin Williams go to auction

The extensive cycle collection of the late Robin Williams is now available to buy by auction, with funds raised from the sale going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

The extremely popular actor and comedian was a huge cycling fan, and as well as being a regular visitor to events including the Tour de France, was clearly a big fan of the technology and equipment too. In total, 87 different lots feature a wide range of road, time trial, mountain, touring and electric bikes, from a wide range of brands including Pinarello, Zipp, Softride, Trek, Kestrel, Casati, Orbea, Lemond, Giant, Ciocc, Merlin, Colnago, BMC and many more. We’ve selected just a few highlights in the images below.

The Williams’ family said “We hope these bikes will bring their new owners as much joy as riding them, and helping these causes, always brought him.”

The auction closes on 25th October 2016 with prices currently ranging from $650 up to $10,000. Take a look at the link below for the full online catalogue.


11 Jun 2023
Challenge Wales
11 Jun 2023
Challenge Cagnes-sur-Mer
2 Jul 2023
Challenge Kaiserwinkl-Walchsee
30 Jun-2 Jul 2023
Long Course Weekend Wales
16 Jul 2023
IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz
30 Jul 2023
Outlaw Nottingham
6 Aug 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Duisburg
19 Aug 2023
20 Aug 2023
IRONMAN Copenhagen
17 Sep 2023
Challenge Samarkand
22-24 Sep 2023
Long Course Weekend Belgium
1 Oct 2023
IRONMAN Barcelona
14 Oct 2023
Challenge Mallorca
15 Oct 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Poreč
26 Nov 2023
Challenge Canberra
10 Jun 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder
11 Jun 2023
Challenge Geraardsbergen
11 Jun 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire
11 Jun 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Warsaw
11 Jun 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland
10-11 Jun 2023
XTERRA Belgium
11 Jun 2023
Challenge Wales
11 Jun 2023
Challenge Cagnes-sur-Mer
17 Jun 2023
World Triathlon Cup Huatulco
18 Jun 2023
Challenge Gdansk
18 Jun 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Cairns
18 Jun 2023
IRONMAN Cairns Asia Pacific Championship
18 Jun 2023
IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg – Région Moselle
18 Jun 2023
IRONMAN Austria Kärnten
17-18 Jun 2023
XTERRA Switzerland